Friday, June 25, 2010

Charting The Course

Thanks to a recommendation from my fab friend Meg, I get Notes From The Universe. Today's note was this:

With self-confidence, Roxie, the world bows to greet you and coincidence becomes your partner.

And self-confidence comes from loving yourself.

And loving yourself comes from knowing that you are, still, exactly who I most want to be.
And so I am,
The Universe

Most of here in the weight-loss/get-healthy/get-on-with-your-life community are used to charting our weight loss, our exercise, our calories, our carbs, our size, our measurements, our hot fudge sundaes. What we don't track is probably the most important factor of all - our self-confidence. And not as a reflection of our gains/losses, but in how we feel about ourselves and our abilities. I've been this size before, about four years ago, but I didn't have THIS level of self-confidence. For years, I told myself that all my problems were on my ass. Not so, Grasshopper.

My problems were in my head and how I really felt about me. When I started (still in progress) getting my head right, my ass began to follow. And in the meantime, I gained a little peace, a little serenity, and more assurance from inside that I would be okay.

How do you measure your self-confidence? How has it grown on this journey? What are you doing to actively grow it? Most of us have a general plan for shrinking our backsides - do we have a plan for growing our confidence?

I'd love to hear yours!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Grow your own.



  1. I totally know what you're talking about. I think alot of mine self confidence has come wih age. That and staying away from men for awhile. Focusing on making me happy, healthy and wiser has really given me the BOOST I was always seeking. That and knowing that really, I can do hard things!

    I also have gained alot of self confidence by really relying on my Heavenly Father ( or the Universe ). Funny how that works.

    Have a great trip and hug Tena for me! Remember pics!

  2. Like FMP above, my confidence has grown with age. I also really, really think that strength training has given me so much confidence. Just feeling strong does so much for one's self esteem.

  3. Did you know there's an actual saying, "Free your mind and your ass will follow!"

    I wish I had a better plan. I think the phenomena of being in mid-life is giving me more confidence than I ever had. I'm just reaching the point where I figure if someone is to judge me by my backside, I do not have room for that in my life any longer. The recent spate of deaths in my family have also reaffirmed to me that life is way to short to sit around fussing and worrying and we really do need to learn to live like we are dying.

  4. Mine has grown with losing weight, finding out that I am physically strong, and yes, age. I have started channeling Kathy Bates character from Fried Green Tomatoes - ok, most of the time it's only in my mind, but I am standing up for myself more that I ever used to.

    I like the idea of getting a note from the universe...I may just have to sign up!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the "notes" link. I hadn't heard of that.

    Since I started exercising and doing other great things for myself, my self-confidence exploded! I knew I would feel better about myself, but I had no idea how MUCH better.

    Still, I do have days when I'm on shaky ground. That's when posts like this one are truly appreciated!

  6. Have a great weekend Roxie!
    My word veri is "sighter"
    The Universe is talking to us again!

  7. Exercise and everything related to it has built my self confidence. First, it had to reveal how fearful I was-of pain, of failure, of falling, of looking silly. Now I generally don't give a damn and just enjoy myself and look for what else I can try. hot zumba dancing, kickboxing, yoga, running, riding a bike again. you name it

    I have an award for you on my blog.

  8. What a great post, and so true. For me, self-confidence comes with working the steps in Al-Anon, and through Al-Anon service work. Take good care.


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