Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Mid-course Adjustments

My plans was to do another bike ride this morning, but my legs said "No, No, No". Yesterday's ride was really good, but I did really push myself. So, I listened to both my legs and the rest of my body and went back to bed! I almost never do that. And even more rare is for me to actually go back to sleep, but it happened.

I was awoke by a phone call from Bick, telling me that Sandy is in jail. Traffic tickets, unpaid, warrants for FTA. He was planning on taking her on a trip, instead he will be using that money to bail her out today. He's handling it pretty well, said he plans on telling her this was her one get out of jail free card. I hope that she begins to get her life together. She dropped out/flunked out of school again this spring. All unfortunate.

She cannot make theatre night, as she is working for someone else that shift, but we are going to that Italian dinner the next weekend.

As expected, Sis and I had a great time yesterday. Pebbles met up with us in Dallas and we went back for some more of that great pizza. Yummy! I am feeling better about my part in this. On Monday, she's on her own. She is very stressed about not getting paid while on jury duty, but I did not jump in on that issue. People change at the rate of pain. I cannot fix it.

I do want to get in some form of exercise today - I imagine I'll hit the bike. I think my legs can deal with 5 miles. I'd love to hit the 100 mile mark today. But we'll see. The Closet looks like a wreck and I've got a few errands to run.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Recover.



  1. Well done on taking a rest! I'm forcing myself not to train for a couple of days and its driving me a bit nutty!
    Sounds like a good day yesterday. I'm glad you're feeling better about your sister, I don't think you've really given yourself enough credit there - you didn't take away an opportunity for growth, you just eased the transition a bit, while still leaving her to do the rest herself!

  2. HELLO! 139.5! Enough said.

    So true that people change at their own rate of pain. Some can tolerate more pain then others.

    Sorry about Sandy. Glad that you had a good time with the girls yesterday.

    Recoup and regroup!

  3. 139.5?! Holy WOWZA!

    In case I've missed something ... do you have an odometer on your bike? If you do, please spill ...
    what kind?

  4. Glad you listened to your body and took the rest - you are really in tune with yourself, which I admire. I am usually only in tune after the fact, with a "doh!" moment.

    Oh Sandy. What a stupid thing to do. Guess she found out the hard way that the law does, indeed, apply to her. Glad Bick took it well.

    Good that yesterday was fun, and pizza is always a nice addition! Enjoy your weekend. :)

  5. People change at the rate of pain. So true. Glad you got some rest. I know I need to rest sometimes. And I'm always in favor of a nap. Thanks for sharing.


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