Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm home and I'm happy. What a great day this has been! As expected, Pebbles and Slater flaked out last night. Turns out, neither have helmets and they are required in Dallas and frequently tickets are written out at White Rock. Could be here, too, for all I know. I wear one. But they are still up for biking together at some point. They actually went to buy helmets last night, but Slater has a very large head and Target had nothing for him. No matter. It was probably better this way, anyway. I hit the trail about 6:25 am and it would have been hours later start time if we'd ridden together in Dallas. I couldn't even get a train over there until 9:30 or so. As it was, I was walking back in the door at around 9 am. I did ride a bit farther this time and saw where I could connect up with some more interesting places to ride - like actually AROUND the lake. Hmmm, something to think about.

It was another great ride. I still didn't fuel during the ride, but I did have some oatmeal before I left this morning, so I didn't feel like I was out of juice this trip out. I do think, much like Karen, I do need to adjust the seat up about one inch in order to maximize the power from each stroke. And Brian, forget what I said about "no saddle sores here". Ouchy! I'm ready for a softer seat or some biking shorts. If I'm going to do more of this, the running skirt just aint gonna cut it. Oh, and I need some sun glasses - my glam girl glasses aint gonna cut it either. I had to laugh, though. When I was thinking that I needed some sports glasses, all I could think of was that scene in the movie Singleswhere Debbie Hunt, who is doing the video dating, is supposed to meet this cyclist and she goes out and gets all this equipment and these bug-eyed sports glasses. I so don't want to be THAT woman. Remember her?

Saw lots of interesting stuff on this ride - wild life, both human and otherwise and this guy just out in the trees performing tai chi - that always looks so cool and peaceful and "of the moment". Honeysuckle was in bloom here and there and I could smell it on occasion. Wonderful morning.

Came home, got cleaned up and headed out to a new start-up farmer's market. I knew that I will be bringing the Poolville Pagans back here to see The Closet after church/lunch tomorrow and I planned to serve a little dessert and when I saw a "sock it to me" cake (WTH?) at a little artisan stall, I knew it was the cake for us. It's very coffee cake-like. I also bought a bar of handmade lavender, honey and some other ingredient fancy company soap. It had been on my "to buy" list for a while and I want to support local artists, farmers and artisans, so I just bought it today. And as a surprise for Bick, I bought him some handmade roasted garlic linguine (dried pasta).

Came home from that, parked MalibuKen in the parking stall and walked out to catch the bus to take me to the train station. I was NOT going to miss pizza. I cannot tell you when the last time I actually ate pizza. Pebbles and Slater picked me up at the train station and we headed for the pizza place. Pebbles fell in love with margherita pizza on her first study abroad trip. She lived in an old monastery in Reggio Emilia and every day at lunch she would go this little restaurant/stand for a slice of margherita pizza. If you've never had it, it's not Chicago deep dish, for sure. It's thin, crispy crust with great sauce, very little cheese and lots of fresh basil on top. And this place in Dallas was pretty darn good. They also served a ground hazelnut dessert pizza that looked amazing! We did not partake.

I made up my mind before hand that I was going to have two pieces and I did. I started out with a simple green salad with a skosh of balsamic and olive oil and then I thoroughly enjoyed my pizza. I'm assuming it was between 500-600 calories and that I covered that with the morning's bike ride, so I'm good all around. There were leftovers, but I cannot be trusted with those, so I left them with the kids. We finished lunch, poked around a very cool hipster bike shop in uptown and I caught the next train home.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Work in a treat.



  1. I love that you are supporting the local artists. Your farmer's market sounds really nice. Glad that you got your bike ride in, on your terms. And yes, with this heat, it has to be early!

    I have Adidas sports sunglasses (Rx) and they are awesome - the nose piece is silicone or rubber and not only does it adjust, but it doesn't let the glasses slide down my nose, even when I'm a sweaty mess. Love them - hope you find a good pair. It is funny how you take up an activity and suddenly realize that you need things to go with it, but they do make a difference in the enjoyment. Case in point: Body Glide - I am loving that stuff now that I'm running in hot weather!

    Yay to the pizza! Margherita pizzas are one of my favorite (along with pesto pizza - yum).

  2. What a fun/funny post! You sound so happy, It rubs makes me feel good to read a post like this.

    My hub and I used to ride bikes a lot, and the saying goes..."the butt bone is the weak link in long distance riding." And it is SO true, at least until you get "that area" toughed up. Bike shorts definitely help with that issue. Also, definitely don't ride without a helmet. I've seen more than my share of accidents, and if the person hadn't been wearing a helmet, they'd be in a nursing home now, eating baby food (or worse).

    Thanks for being there for me and welcoming me back to the blogging world.

  3. I like that Dallas makes brain buckets mandatory. It's just too bad that common sense has to be legislated for some folks.

    I had a devil of a time finding a helmet for my own big bean. Seems that my head is long front-to-back. After looking in 3 or 4 different sporting goods stores I finally found one with changeable inner pads that I could adjust to fit. It's made by Gyro if Slater is still looking. Give up on Bell - they're more of a mass market brand.

    biking shorts are a fine idea. The chamois (padding) in teh seats helps a teeny bit. An hour in the saddle is going to crush the crap out of it no matter what. The compression you get out of the Lycra helps some too. If you're concerned with the tighter than skin fit, wear them as an under layer with something a little more stylish & conservative over top.

    I better go get stuff done!

  4. Sounds like a great day. Margherita pizza is a favorite of mine. Love fresh basil. Thanks for sharing.


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