Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Motley Wednesday

There is certainly no theme to today's motley assortment of items, so I'll just dive right in.

I haven't seen my former sisters-in-law in, oh, five plus years. We did send them invitations to Pebbles' bridal luncheon thingy, but both were otherwise busy. I had been getting some email updates from Suzy about her kids, etc. and last week she friended me on Facebook. On Monday, while Cha-Cha and I were out exploring, I'll kiss your foot if I didn't run into Suzy on the bike trail. She and her new husband had driven into town from a neighboring county and had started to ride at what for me was to be the end of trail and turnaround point. So I was riding along, minding my own bee's wax and I passed two riders. Obviously, I don't know her new husband, but I recognized her! "Suzy!Sandy(her twin)! Which one are you?" We stopped, hugged and chatted for just a brief minute as her husband didn't see her stop! Anyway, that was strange - her appearing in such an out of the way place.

Unrelated item two. Tuesday To-Do. I issued myself a challenge a couple of weeks ago and haven't posted about it. I did manage to get everything listed in a handy-dandy mini-notebook that I carry with me. My goal this week is to actually send off a piece of legal paperwork that I need signed by my ex-husband. No need to get in a rush - we've only been divorced for eight years! That's my goal for the week. For those who were joining in, how are you doing? Well, get in there and get that crap taken care of!

Item 3: I'm looking at getting some plans set up for the weekend. Of course, there will be a bike ride, but with triple-digit temperatures on the way, it will be an early morning ride, for sure. Saturday, I'm thinking. That means moving a meeting to Friday night or perhaps Thursday. I prefer the Thursday meeting, so maybe I'll drive MalibuKen tomorrow and go to a meeting after work. That might work best, given my work schedule for the month of June.

Item 4: The new bus schedule went into effect this week. It means that I have to leave 30 minutes early to catch the bus and thusly, leave the office thirty minutes earlier, as well. The good news is that Mr. OverlyFriendlyBus Driver doesn't appear to be on this route any longer. But this is certainly less convenient than before. Oh, well. I'll adjust. And speaking of the new bus route, the earlier bus serves as transport for a lot of the city's homeless from the east downtown shelters out to the city parks where I assume they spend most of their days. That kind of exposure can certainly snap my petty problems and issues into perspective. I have many, many things about which to be grateful. Here are three - I am grateful that I'm not personally addicted to alcohol or drugs - given my addictive nature, it's pretty much a miracle. I have an education. I know where to get and receive support if I need it.

Item 5: Speaking of alcohol - I never really said anything about it here, I guess, but I made the decision to forgo alcohol when Bick decided to get sober. I've always been a take it or leave it kind of person with drink, but I made the decision to leave it, at least temporarily. I didn't say anything to Bick about my decision and hadn't really said anything to anyone about it, but I have taken some ribbing about it. I may make a different decision in the future, but for right now, it's what I need to do. It feels hypocritical of me to do otherwise. I think back to my bouts with trying to lose weight and my eating/food addiction/obsession. The Ex-Bubba never said anything to me in a negative way about my weight, but he wouldn't stop bringing home cookies, candies and chips. Yes, it was MY problem and I actually used his actions as an excuse for why I couldn't stop. I'm still in recovery in the food area and I would not be in a relationship with a person who doesn't respect and support my need to live in a "clean" environment. It's a deal-breaker for me. So, there is that.

Item 6: Planning on lunch exercise today and following Tena's suggestion, perhaps a late evening bike ride tonight. Something short and smiley! I'm loving all the bike riding that's going on right now. As Karen commented, bike riding just makes me smile. It makes me light and free. Funny/ironic story from my youth - there was a young man who years later became my first boyfriend who, after my Dad was killed, used to ride his bike out to spend time with my Mom (his 4H leader) and me. He had lost his Dad at a young age as well. He would help out around the place and just generally hang out. Part of the family lore was that "he rode his bicycle all the way from Lyman" Wow! All the way from Lyman. All.the.way. I just googled the route and it was 3.2 miles! We spoke of it in whispered tones as if it were some Herculean feat! Now I don't mean to diminish his friendship, help and support. But looking back, it was just a few miles and he had a brand new 10 speed :-) It's interesting how reality differs from the stories we tell and re-tell. Of course, it would be decades before I came to regard riding a bicycle as fun!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Re-examine your stories.


eta: yep, it's me - from Pebbles' bridal luncheon thingy.... I didn' realize how BIG the phot is - sorry!


  1. hi Roxie - is this photo you? i love it - i've been reading your blog for some time and look forward every morning to reading what's going on in your world...You are one strong gal and i wish the best for you.. xo Patty

  2. Yeah - I love the photo. I think it's you????

    Lots of interesting items for our perusal. I really like your thought processes and how nicely you are able to articulate them.

  3. Love the pic Roxie - you look fantastic.

    I love how you itemize everything and line it all out. Very goal orientated.

    And a HUGE thank you for your donation today - it is greatly appreciated!

  4. I also gave up alcohol for 10 years when my husband decided to stop drinking. Then he started having a glass of wine or two and so did I. I do find once I get out of the habit of it, I no longer want it. Odd.

    You make bike riding sound fun Roxie. I wish I lived in a more bike friendly area.

    Your smile is in your eyes in that picture - I love it!

  5. Always in inspiration - thanks Roxie!

  6. A double comment and a pinkie*jinx...
    We both said "handy-dandy!" today!

  7. Darling, you look MARVELOUS! Great photo.

    Isn't riding a bike just the best! It makes me feel like a kid. Be sure to smile and wave at everyone you meet while riding. I love the reactions I get.

    I appauld your booze decison. I know that would be a deal breaker for me as well.

    I love the graditude reminder. I get one of those every time I pass a corner where there are a million guys waiting for work. I think we are both very blessed.

  8. What a cute photo!

    I don't understand why people have to comment on food and drink at all. Taking a ribbing for not drinking?

    I rarely drink at all, but that is mostly because I don't want to drink my calories. I do like a good microbrew from time to time.

    I don't like it when focus comes to what I eat or drink. It's not really anybody's business. A lot of times comments are made because the *commenter* has some issue of their own.

  9. What a happy woman looking out from that photo, Roxie! I love it.

    3 digit temps, huh? I promise not to b*tch about our 80+ weather here. Ever. Again. :D

    Well they do say that women tend to start cycling together, don't they? lol

  10. I love to "hear" your joy for bike riding, so happy for you. I'll be over here waving to you as you pass by though.

    My bike riding days are over. I never liked the way the seat felt under my ass anyway.

    Just call me broken bones.


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