Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Running The Numbers: Part 2

Sometimes I just need to be distracted from eating, thinking, ruminating, obsessing, whatever is bring me down. That being said, the distraction shouldn't be destructive - first, do no harm. I don't want to turn to food if I'm obsessing and I don't want to turn to excessive shopping to distract myself from over-eating. I don't want to acquire "stuff", so recreation shopping isn't an answer - it creates clutter AND reduces your finances. We all need financial freedom and power in our lives. There are, however, ways to spend a little something on an item that is actually useful, so I've included those here.


11. Massage - check out any massage therapy schools in your area if you are looking to pinch your nickels.
12. Get a blowout. I did this last night. I called the local beauty school and they offer this service. $8.00 plus tip and my hair looks great. For a few bucks, I can afford the salon look and not pay the salon price. Yes, it took longer than it would have at a salon, but hell, I was looking to kill time and be distracted. I met a lovely young woman who did a nice job on my hair. I got her card and I'll be going back.
13. Farmer's Market:Dallas. Best market in the area. Can get there by public transit, so there's the trip AND the shopping AND supporting locally grown foods.
14. Farmer's Market:Fort Worth. Find out where the "flash" farmer's market is being held this week. Ditto Above. Well, not a real trip involved.
15. Farmer's Market: Weatherford. First Monday.
16. Wash the car
17. Vacuum car
18. From the To Buy List: One bar of fancy soap. I keep a To Buy list. On this list are, surprisingly enough, things I need or want. I actually just purchased a bar of fancy soap last weekend. Other things on my To Buy list include a floor lamp, running skirt, new running shoes, etc. I usually do not impulse shop. Most things spend quite some time on my To Buy list before I actually set about acquiring them.
19. From the To Buy List: Fancy Candle. If you already have enough fancy, smelly candles then for heaven's sake, set them aflame!
20. Pool time - I've never been to The Pool at The Closet, but I like splashing around. Might be a fun way to kill a half hour.

to be continued....

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Distraction is the better part of valor.



  1. "Distraction is the better part of valor"...Cute! I'll remember that. :-)

  2. What happened to books? How about meditation (medication??).
    Love this part @. I'm with ya!

  3. Terrific ideas. I did the massage school idea on vacation a few years ago and got a great massage for a fraction of the regular price. The student I got was graduating the next day and she was great. Need to do this one at home, too.

  4. Love these Roxie.

    I spend a lot of time lighting my fancy smelly candles and Mr. Helen spends a lot of time going behind me blowing them out.

    I call him Fire Marshal Bob :-)


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