Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Running The Numbers: Part The Fourth

Sometimes I just need to be distracted from eating, thinking, ruminating, obsessing on whatever is bring me down. That being said, the distraction shouldn't be destructive - first, do no harm. I don't want to turn to food if I'm obsessing and I don't want to turn to excessive shopping to distract myself from over-eating. I don't want to acquire "stuff", so recreation shopping isn't an answer - it creates clutter AND reduces your finances. We all need financial freedom and power in our lives. There are, however, ways to spend a little something on an item that is actually useful, so I've included those here. Here is Part The Fourth:

31. Chop up your vegetables for the upcoming week. It will make food prep so much easier (and healthier)!

32. Buy the Sunday New York Times - one of my favorite cheap treats.

33. Attend Open Houses - it's a free opportunity to be a nosey parker!

34. Write out your gratitudes. There is something to be grateful for. Really.

35. Create an activity calendar. Scour the newspapers/internet/library bulletin boards to find interesting/free/cheap events to attend. Create a calendar. I use the one in Google and whenever I run across something interesting, I put in on that calendar. Try to always have something to look forward to. Oh, and you can go by yourself. It won't kill you. Trust me on this. People don't look at you strangely - and if they do, all they are really thinking is "look at that self-assured, interesting woman". Honestly.

36. Take up a craft. I haven't completely given up on knitting. I just need to find a way to make it more social. Lots of people in meetings are knitters. I might try to combine the two.

37. Watch a movie that you find inspiring. There are occassions that call for Beaches, but I find those times are very few! I like things that are fun and inspiring - these days, Calendar Girls fits my bill.

38. Give yourself a pedicure. Summer is here. Get your feet in sandal shape. And don't do some slap-dash swipe with some polish - put on your glasses and do it right (not that I am speaking from personal experience or anything).

39. Go to the card store/dollar store and buy a year's worth of birthday cards. Have fun picking out great cards for the people in your life. Put them somewhere where you will find them again! (Not that I know this from personal experience, either).

40. Consolidate travel. Okay, so this was number forty on my list and I have not a clue what it is supposed to mean. I'm sure I thought it was brilliant when I jotted it down in my handy-dandy notebook, but now I am at a loss. Does it mean optimize your errands for the week? Surely I wouldn't call that travel. Feel free to use your own imagination on this one.

No exercise last night. I was busy trying to install the window boxes that Bick bought me. He bought me the boxes, complete with dirt and herbs and the brackets to go with. Unfortunately, the brackets are for traditional decking edges and not the channel iron that my non-balcony is made of. Another trip to the home improvement store is in the offing.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Exfoliate.


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  1. Exfoliate....that made me smile. Thanks for all good ideas.

    Also, thanks for your comment this morning. I need to remember that agreement, "don't take anything personally". I do feel bad about the car, but not about me.

    Thanks for all your "Car-ma"

  2. I'm loving this series, Roxie. ♡

  3. I'm laughing with you on the whole "putting your glasses on" and doing it right thing...that's when I know I'm serious is when the glasses are on for the close up work!

  4. Great tips! Thanks! I'm a big believer in writing out gratitude lists. I do it every day. And I love the Sunday Times. My favorite "feel good" movies are "Ann of Green Gables" and the A&E version of "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Those burning, coal-dark eyes make my insides go goey every single time.

  5. I love going to open houses! I really like all things real estate, since I flipped a couple houses.

    I have a craft table set up that should be used more. I spend way too much time on the internets.

    Thank you for all of these ideas!

  6. I must go back and read the rest! This is just fabulous.

  7. Great list. I've found I've gotten very good at being busy lately.

  8. Exfoliate but don't forget to MOISTURIZE this series, great suggestions.


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