Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running The Numbers: Part Three

Turns out, my decision to do this was pretty timely. I am grateful for the new tools that I have at my disposal. I now have the ability to (try) view things from a different perspective. I do not have to view this as a rejection. We all have choices to make in our lives. My choices are mine.

21. Go to a meeting. For me, this means one thing. For you, it could be a garden club, a book club, the bike club, a volunteer group. Do something - for yourself or for someone else.

22. Write affirmations - I am hitting this one hard. I am writing affirmations and positive statements in order to learn to self-affirm. I don't need to be all that and a bag of chips to someone else - I need to be that to me. I do not get my value based upon my actions or validation from an external source. Again with the re-wiring - when I start to do things that do not improve my situation, I will resort to affirming things.

23. Walk to the store for an apple.

24. Walk to the store for a single serving Greek Yogurt.

25. Walk to the store for some raspberries.

26. Walk the stairs in The Closet, utilizing the parking garage. I can get a great, safe and dry workout right here close to home.

27. Write letters. I have relatives who do not have email. I can write them a letter.

28. Buy a travel book. As a part of envisioning the future I want for myself, I will buy a travel book for that destination. A trip to the bookstore, used or otherwise, all the while picturing me in the new locale, does wonders for the soul. This is actually on tap for my weekend. It's okay to by a used travel guide. For the most part, the Eiffel tower doesn't move around much! If it was there last year, it will be there next.

29. Buy a one day transit pass and ride there and back. Doesn't matter where "there" is. See your city from a different viewpoint. For me, this means I can hop the train to Dallas. Normally, I go to see Pebbles, but I could go just to see the sites.

30. Journal. I've started doing this. Amazingly, there ARE some things that I don't share. Journalling brings clarity to me. I can start to write about something and things come into sharper focus.

to be continued......

Last night was GNO and SATC2. Lord, was that a bad, bad movie. But I enjoyed the company. Too much salty stuff, however.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. We have more control than we think.


ETA: I've started tracking cycling miles. Turns out the route I've been riding is 22 miles! While it's not Lori's distances, it is farther than I'd thought. Go me!


  1. 22 miles is an awesome distance! Go, Roxie!

  2. 22 miles is nothing to sneeze at - you rock!

  3. Go you!

    My favorite: #22

    Second favorite #27 because I'd venture a guess that your letters are gorgeously composed and if I was your relative it would make my day to see it in the mailbox.

  4. Go, You!
    Yeah, there's always something to do in Big D.

  5. You are one of those people I truly envy. It's like you've got it all figured out. I've been reading through your list thinking you really do know the important stuff in life. You're not wasting it watching law and order re-runs.

    My goal, grow up to be like you someday. :)

  6. Very interesting list Roxie! I put up pictures today where you get to see the whole body so far the response has been good:) I think we are own worse critics.

  7. I hated SATC2. I went with some people (friends of friends) and I was so disgusted I could barely stand it. I went home and ranted to my husband, which I never do. Is this what being a woman means??? If SATC2 is representative of modern womanhood, I don't want to be a modern woman. Sorry to rant, but this movie REALLY disturbed me.

    P.S. I love reading your lists.


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