Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running The Numbers: Taking The Fifth

Sometimes I just need to be distracted from eating, thinking, ruminating, obsessing on whatever is bring me down. That being said, the distraction shouldn't be destructive - first, do no harm. I don't want to turn to food if I'm obsessing and I don't want to turn to excessive shopping to distract myself from over-eating. I don't want to acquire "stuff", so recreation shopping isn't an answer - it creates clutter AND reduces your finances. We all need financial freedom and power in our lives. There are, however, ways to spend a little something on an item that is actually useful, so I've included those here. Here is Part The Fifth:

41. Pluck. Whatever needs plucking. As a woman of a "certain age", there is a lot of surface area that now needs tending. Personally, I find the whole lighted magnifying mirrors to be a tool of Satan, or perhaps that is Satan in the mirror cause I sure as hell don't recognize it/her. Instead, I rely upon the kindness of strangers, er, I mean my daughter and sister who still have eyesight to give me the once-over. Any strays? Otherwise, I go to the salon for "the works". This could be a full-time job.

42. Polish your shoes. Wash your laces. Just spruce up your footwear a bit.

43. Oil Chair. I have a leather chair that requires oiling/polishing a couple of times a year so that it doesn't dry out. If this doesn't apply to you, then take a lint brush to your upholstered furniture. Or not.

44. Iron. Yep, drag out the ironing board. Get some good spray starch and iron. If you are feeling especially froggy, starch and iron your sheets. I ADORE sleeping on freshly starched and iron sheets. Yea, I am sort of a princess.

45. Repair your clothes. Go get that favorite shirt and sew on that missing button. That coat that you love, but you don't wear because the bottom seam of the pocket is ripped out? Sit down with a needle and thread and put all of this stuff back in good working order. Or to change the look of something? Replace ALL the buttons with new ones.

46. Rearrange your closet. Go through and look at everything. Fix, repair, iron, donate, tailor what needs tailoring. The goal here is to have your closet create a sense of order and design. It shouldn't scare you to open it.

47. Go to a Park, state or otherwise. Get in the car, on the bus, on your bike and go to a park. Take your camera, a book, a lunch and just spend some time under a shade tree or get a little vitamin D, depending upon your preferences. The change will do you good.

48. Color your roots. You are probably overdue. Put on your glasses and take a look. If you are rootless, I applaud you. I'm still toying with the decision to go au-naturele, but not right now. That Miss Clairol root brush thingy is just TOO easy to use. I'll go grey another day.

Go to a Museum. Even if it is the big balll of string museum. Even if you hate modern art - especially if you hate modern art. Go admire the space, even if you can't admire the works themselves.

50. Buy fresh flowers. Many urban areas now have flower markets. And there is always Kroger! Doesn't have to be an armload bouquet, just a few gerber daisies always pick me right up.

Rode out to the park for a "doodle" - ride with no particular destination. As for the curb jumping, I am obviously not there yet, don't know that I ever will be. Let's say I'm still working on mastering jumping twigs. It appears to be a matter of shifting weight far back in the saddle and getting the timing/tension right with a leg stroke and rearing back on the front end (like you were trying to pop a whealie). I'm just experimenting with riding, taking turns and weight shifting. Trying to get more comfortable on the bike. I am assuming that my riding experience is very different from most of the rest of the internet biking gang, as Clementine Cha-Cha Peddleford is a mountain bike. Or at least of that ilk - she has those shock-absorby things on her forks and nubby tires.

Fixed a great, spicy "clean out the fridge" vegetable soup last night. Lots of herbs and spices - I brought some today to have with my Big Ass Spinach/Vegetable Salad.

And in news that will turn you all green with envy, I am having dinner with the ever-fabulous Tena on Saturday night. I will be in her town and we are doing a real-life meet up. I'm very excited!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get comfortable.



  1. You're absolutley right. I am jealous. Have fun you two. Be sure to take a pic.

    I love doodle rides. Oh and love your run the numbers...there is no excuse to not be distracted!

  2. The real life meetups of virtual friends are awesome! Except for the ones that aren't. But I haven't had one of those, I've only had the good kind. Will you two take a ride together?

  3. How cool that you're getting to meet Tena...where does she live?

    I always love your lists. But hey, about that ironing thing...I have a blouse that needs the bejeezus ironed out of it - can I sent it to you? ;)

  4. Sure, Shelley. I'll be driving through your town on Saturday morning on my way to Houston. Just have it ready for me. I'll return it on the flip-flop.

  5. Yay for meeting other bloggers!
    It's my fave hobby, ya know?

  6. I'm with Shelley about ironing. It's one thing I can't do well and therefore avoid like the plague.

    And plucking? I HATE that part of this "certain age" the most. Those little suckers sprout up over night!

    I'm so excited for our meet up! Can't wait :)

  7. Just came back to say I'll be standing at Hwy 30 and the 6, blouse on a hanger, arm outstretched...like the old-fashioned mail train pick up. :)

    Have a good visit with Tena, and next time hit the brakes when you drive through my town. Yay to a future meet up!


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