Monday, June 28, 2010

Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon Rind

What a beautiful surprise awaited my return from Houston. My bag from Leslie had arrived! Leslie most know postal workers with special powers to get it here so fast. Pictures do not do it justice - it is beyond adorable! And will match beautifully with the color that I'm wearing a lot of this summer. Leslie, thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents with the untalented masses. I shall cherish this bag.

Our trip to Houston was indeed bountiful. I had never seen watermelons being harvested straight out of the fields, but that's what was happening outside of Navasota. I went with Bick to Houston to visit his mother. She had a leather loveseat to give to him, as it just didn't fit into her new house - score one for Bick! Plus, it was time for them to visit. She is incredibly happy that he has made the decision to get sober - even at 87, I guess you never quit being a mother. They had a lovely time together. It was wonderful to see.

And speaking of wonderful to see - I got to meet Tena and she is just as you'd imagine - Warm, witty, wonderful and beautiful! We chattered like squirrels, swapping stories, our mutual love of cycling and more than a few laughs. After trying our hand at self-portraits, I accosted a motorcycle rider outside the restaurant to take pictures with both our cameras, but with my camera at least, it was a FAIL. So what you get is our self-portrait - a fabu picture of Tena and a very shar-pei picture of me! Real life meetings are wonderful and both Tena and I think we should schedule a Cycling Summit in Houston in the fall/winter! Thanks, Tena. Oh, and if you meet Tena in real life, let her pick the restaurant. She knows the good ones!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Life is juicy - eat it up!



  1. Ooooh so pretty. I'm still waiting for mine and now you've made me anxious.

    Isn't it fun meeting up with virtual friends? Glad you enjoyed yourself (and the restaurant).

    When I was a kid, and we lived in Arksansas, there was a truck that would drive through our neighborhood with just picked watermelons. You could buy a whole one for 25 cents!

  2. I am excited to go home and check the mail!

    They grow watermelon like crazy here in AZ too. I just wish I could find a really good one. Not so good this year. Or my picker may be broke.

    Love the pic. Glad it was a nice time. For you and Bick.

  3. Glad y ou got the bag. It's kind of hot for summer, but definitely looks the part of summer.

    How exciting to meet a blog friend. I'm hoping to meet Tammy in Atlanta this summer. We should all try and go to BlogHer or something one of these days! Like that will ever happen, but you never know.

    Roxie, thank you so much for your wonderful kind support, esp. in the last few days. It is so helpful and comforting to have friends I've never met! I greatly appreciate your comments and your wisdom.

  4. That purse is so summery and perfect - I can't wait to get mine! C'mon, mailman!!!

    I didn't know there were watermelons as close as Navasota...I have no excuse not to get a fresh-picked one now! Glad the meet up with Tena was fun!

  5. How awesome is that - glad you and Miss Tena had a good time!

  6. How come I'm not getting a bag? What have I missed? I'm going over to see Leslie...

    Had such a great time on Saturday, Roxie! I'm looking forward to more good times!


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