Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Have Lift-Off

I got out of work yesterday and there was NO RAIN. The temps had dropped to the mid-to-upper 70's - the perfect evening to take Cha-Cha out for a spin. Yea, I had a bunch of other stuff to do, but getting in a ride was the most important.

So I got home, dinked around for just a bit, geared up and got Clementine out of bed. As I was crossing the catwalk to get to the elevator, I looked into the courtyard and saw that it was raining. Oh, crap. But I went anyway. I decided just doodle through the park in case it got to really pouring or if lightening started - the park is very close to home. So off I went. The rain quit and went on ahead and did a ten mile loop.

Let me just say this - I f'n LOVE my thighs. LOVE THEM. Shocking, I know. It is to me, too. For all my entire life, I've hated my thighs - my thunder thighs. I hated them until I started cycling. There is something about that first full leg stroke down in the parking garage where the power in my legs, through the magic of muscle, physics and gear ratios, transfers itself to Ms. Peddleford and we are OFF. Like a sprinter! I've endured a lot of exercise in my time. A lot! And yes, there is a great deal of satisfaction to have completed some task/mission/milestone. Been there, done that. But I have never experienced JOY while doing it. As I was talking with Tena the other day - there is such a feeling of power and lightness and "WHEEEEEE" when cycling. So much so, that it has made me love my thighs. I no longer have "thunder thighs", I have f'n ROCKET BOOSTERS!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get yourself a rocket.



  1. I love feeling the strength and capability of my body and it's assorted parts - I used to feel that way running at times (in my thin 20s!). I used to have an inner knowing that I could get myself anywhere by my own muscle power and that was...well, empowering! Looking forward to more of that in coming days.

  2. Let's hear it for the "wheeeeee" factor!

    And you are right on about feeling the power! I love this post :D

  3. I love that you love your thighs! It's making me feel glowy all over to think that you are appreciating yourself, even your thighs in all their glory!

  4. I know what you're talking about. Every time I am able to stand up and pump that 1st stroke down makes me feels very powerful. My daughter comment that she can't remember my thighs looking this good. Not bad for a 50 year old fart!

  5. Good to see you loving your thighs! You need that power to produce that "wheeeeee" factor. And isn't that what keeps us coming back? Need more wheeeeee!!

  6. What a great post - how many women can write that they love their thighs?!? Glad that biking is so much fun for you!

  7. I know just the feeling your talking about! Between you and Lori (Finding Radiance) you've piqued my interest in bike riding. Went for a 7 miler the other day. Loved it! Plan to do another tomorrow i think. Thanks for the kick in the pants i needed to start peddling!

  8. Ya'll ride on ahead - I'll catch up....
    I'm still a bike newbie!
    Just since March-ish.....


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