Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons

You'd better hope life hands you some sugar as well or else your lemonade is going to suck!

Today isn't going like I planned. First of all, I overslept. Actually, oversleeping for me is a good thing, but it did knock about an hour off my planned ride this morning. But hey, it was still a good ride. I do think that Cha-Cha's front tire needs a bit of air, so one of my tasks today is to figure out how to deal with that.

Seriously, I am a complete newbie at all this biking stuff. Yes, I had bicycles growing up, but I lived on gravel roads and they weren't mountain bikes and so I've got no experience with any of this. Luckily, Slater has got some skills in this area, so I can get some hands on advice. Do you riders have pumps? Are there air pressure gauges for bicycles? If so, what's an appropriate PSI for bikes?

This morning's ride was tough. Number one, I don't feel great. I ate like crap yesterday. It was a stressful, stressing day on top of a rollercoastery week. I walked into the office and the moving crew! was there to start the remodel. Yes, I knew there was to be a remodel but it was supposed to start next week, according to my boss, who was now conveniently out of the state on a golf trip. So we were scrambling to get packed and call the locksmith, phone line people, the computer people and the modular office furniture people. With a chain saw! Yesterday was also a major milestone day with this HUGE project I'm dealing with at work. I was downing M&Ms yesterday like they were snake bite anti-venom....Sheesh.... So back to this morning's ride - the head wind was 20 mph, but it felt like more, for sure. Oh, and I scrapped my arm against a chainlink fence trying to get out of the way of a cycling family. I managed to stay upright, but I've got road rash on my forearm. With all this bitching, you'd think I didn't have a good time. Actually, it was a great time. I did my out and back and was still having such a good time, I rode some more!

And because I've been neglecting MalibuKen, he gets a bath, a vacuum and a bit of detailing today. I've been invited out to the Poolville Pagans for a gathering this evening, so I'm off to prepare a hostess gift - which I'm looking forward to. I'm thinking it will have a lemon theme. When they were over here last week, I served an iced lemon Italian soda that they both commented on. I think I'll get them a bottle of that, and perhaps some blueberry scones and lemon curd. Then I'll get my Martha on and figure out how to present it, because that's the fun part!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Adjust your pressure.



  1. I have a floor pump at home and it has a gauge built in so you can see how much air you are putting in the tires. I like that it will adapt to fit either of the 2 different types of valves. If you look on the tire it will tell you how much air to put in the tires. I have a hybrid bike because I ride on a crushed limestone trail and I think it takes around 75psi. Happy riding!

  2. M&Ms will ward off many, many things. Unfortunately they also ward off weight loss. Sigh.

    This week on Facebook there was a group people were "liking" called "When Life Hands You Lemons, Throw Them Back and Demand Chocolate."

    Appropriate more times than not.

    I'm wishing you a wonderful Saturday, filled with getting all your errands done and lots of fun!

  3. I just fill my bike tires until I can't hardly squish them with my hands. (Really, this should read "I have my husband fill my bike tires" - oh, and we have an air compressor. But I'm sure a bike pump would give you a better arm workout, lol).

    Sounds like it was a crazy ride but you went with everything that came at you, which I love.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. I have a floor pump with a gauge built in also (like Kim). I can't imagine not having one now. My old one didn't have the gauge on it and I used Shelley's method of squishy vs not squishy :) Tires lose air in a matter of days so it's good to check at least once a week. Also, look on the tires for suggested psi. I keep mine about mid-range. Anything less and Nellie drags pavement.

    You're so creative! Have a great time, Roxie.

  5. You can use the tire gauge for your car on your bike tires to check. Or - most every gas station has free air that you can fill with (complete with tire gauge). Just make sure you read the tire pressure requirements on the tire itself. Overfilling can be just as bad as under filling!

  6. When I was a kid and rode my bike constantly I got free air for my tires up at the corner store (the same store where I bought bbq chips, coke, and candy all for a quarter) I used the air it up till it fills firm method. I 've got to relearn this bike maintenance thing.

  7. Oooh, lemon curd! Mason jar? Perhaps with a bit of attractive fabric on top? Too cute? Hope you have a great time.


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