Friday, June 4, 2010

Cha-Cha On the Choo-Choo

Something new is in the works. I'm excited, but given Pebbles' history, have my expectations of it actually happening set very, very low. The new plan is that I am going to ride Cha-Cha to the train station early on Saturday morning, ride the train to Dallas and then go riding with Pebbles and Slater. Followed by pizza, of course! Benefits include people to ride with and a new place to see. Pebbles and I can hang out and ride slow together and Slater can ride loops around us on his superfast cruisey bike. And then there will be pizza! If I were laying odds, I'd say 50/50. Pebbles doesn't have much early morning follow-through. Even if it doesn't happen this time, it's something to think about for the future.

Still struggling with the sleep thing, but that's pretty much par for my course. Attended a really good meeting last night and came home and started working on my list of "One Hundred Things I Will Do Instead Of Insert-Your-Vice/Obsession/Bane-of_Your-Existance-Here" list. In my effort to retrain and rewire my brain, I sometimes need some distraction techniques that first do no harm. I used a similar process when I was quitting smoking a few years ago. This list is going in my handy-dandy (hi anne) mini-notebook as well. I added about 30 items to the list last night.

I'm going to take it sort of easy today, exercise wise, as I want to save my legs for tomorrow's ride. The ride WILL happen, the only question remaining is will it be here or there. I'll spend some treadmill time at lunch and that will be it for today. After work will be grocery shopping, as Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard is bare. I'll also pick up some sort of mid-ride snack for tomorrow. Any particular suggestions? Slater is fond of Clif bars. Don't know that they really differ from candy bars.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Have a plan.



  1. Sounds like a blast.
    I wish I lived near you so we could walk and bike together frequently.
    I highly recommend the Lemon or Blueberry Bliss Luna bars. (I am not a fan of Cliff bars.) I also don't like the "sweet" Luna bars. They really are good for you with 9-10 grams of protein.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Retrain your brain. Harder then it sounds. But, practice makes....progress, not perfect. lol.

    Sounds like great weekend. You mentioned something about pizza? Twice? Enjoy!

  3. Hey there's ChaCha!
    sounds like a fun Saturday ... a train and a bike ... love that combo.
    and anything that has pizza involved ... well ... perfect.

    Clif bars have a lot of ingredients I'd rather not eat. Larabars are all natural and would be my preference but if Slater likes 'em ...
    Also some apples maybe. and some boiled eggs if you're bringing a little cooler. Cheese and crackers. and WATER.

    Could you share some of your list with us?

  4. Yum. I'm hungry for pizza now, and it's only breakfast.

    I don't know much about Clif bars, but I believe they are a little more evolved, nutritionally, than candy. I used to eat the GoLean bars. They were pretty good. And anyway, if we always only ate super healthful foods, we would have to give up pizza, right? How fun would that be?

  5. Have a great time. I was just saying on Karen's blog that I'm thinking of getting a bike - perhaps asking for it for my summer birthday.

    I love your "retrain" strategy and may employ a version of my own. The "first do no harm" is such a perfect caveat too to not get too nutso about my efforts! Surprised I haven't heard more of that in the rooms! The list is on my to do list for the weekend, thanks to you.

    Roxie, thank you so much for the very kind comment you left today. It really meant a lot to me and helped me relax a few levels about the bare-all posting. This is a great community we're part of.

  6. I am fond of Payday bars for riding. No chocolate, just peanuts, nougat, a touch of caramel & a bit of salt. If you're working up a sweat at all, the salt is needed.

    Apples and bananas are good choices too.

    I am also a fan of full strength gator/power-ade. Some folks insist that you drink it half strength. The only time I did I cramped something fierce, 70 miles into a 100 mile ride. Not fun.

    That pizza at the turn around point is great motivation too. Sounds delectable!

  7.! Love the title, too!

    I like Lara bars but bars don't usually make me feel quick energy. On the charity bike rides they usually have orange segments, grapes, bananas, m & m's, pretzels, pbj's, and lots of gatorade. The oranges and grapes always gave me quick energy and I usually had a Lara bar and that would help me go the distance.

    Have a blast! And enjoy that pizza :)

  8. I'm crossing obsessions off my list even as we speak....
    Handy-dandy* back at 'cha!

  9. Haven't met a Cliff bar that i've liked. I DO like trail mix though but its a little high in the calories. Have you ever tried freeze dried fruit? Sometimes a little difficult to find but the strawberries are out of this world. I hope Pebbles follows thru and your bike ride together becomes a reality. Ahhh sweet times to treasure. Do kids ever truly realize that the best gift they can give us is the gift of their time....? Have fun.

  10. Extremely late to comment (darn work got in my way, lol!) but I just have to say that this post wins the BEST TITLE EVER award!

    Hope you are out having fun today!

  11. I vote yes on the Lara bar..yes on pizza the first food group..yes on that bike ride. I took Fitcetera's guide and did a post about my bike Flo. check her out. theri


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