Monday, July 12, 2010

Cross The Brazos At Waco

I am both incredibly happy and stunned to get a phone call from my sister yesterday. She drove to Waco on Saturday. Down I35. She was just so proud of herself and I am so proud of her. Waco is about 75 miles from Reata South, so this is longest drive she's ever made. I decided to commemorate the grand accomplishment this morning by taking a couple of fruit parfaits from McD's and swing by her office on my way to work to tell her in person how pleased I was for her.

Evidently there was some sort of snit brewing in the family, which is pretty par for the course, and the regular rides evaporated and Mom wanted to go to an older brother's birthday party near downtown Waco and so they crawled in the car and went.

I'm still in cut-down mode on the Diet Coke and that's going pretty well, although I am drinking one now, my plan is for it to be the only one of the day.

As a fun aside, I carried my LeslieBag to meeting last night. The Sunday night group has a lot of textile artists and they spotted the bag and swarmed me. Leslie, your bag was the hit of the meeting!

I assume I will find out the verdict today on the whole flooding car/insurance deductible incident. She's not in the office yet, so I am assuming she's doing something car related. I pray that I can navigate these tricky waters ethically and with integrity. I shall take the long view here - if it was just my friend and I, I'm sure things would be just fine with whatever is decided. However, I think she's in an awkward position - her husband - well, let's just say I've never cared for him - and I think it's pretty mutual. So I am sure she's caught all kinds of grief over the weekend. I've got a long term personal and work relationship agitating around in this big old washing machine we call life, so I need bring all my tools to bare/bear?. I am really unsure of how to procede - my thought is that I just need everyone to ask for what they need.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Ask for what you need.



  1. So happy to hear your sister is driving. I can't imagine not being able to drive. I actually know women who can't/won't drive. Women my age (54). Their husbands drive them everywhere. I often wonder what they plan to do if their husbands die, remain housebound? Just too weird.

    Sorry about that car thing. I'm sure it'll all work out. I don't see how the husband can be that upset since it wasn't anyone's fault. Just nature doing it's thing. He sounds like a creep if something like this makes him mad. I feel sorry for his wife.

    I checked out Leslie's bags. WOW! Gorgeous! I'm so jealous. Which one did you get (or perhaps I should go back in your posts and find out :).

  2. Funny what people will do if they have to. Like driving long distances. I like to hear that. For my own peace of

    I am sure that you will navigate this car thing just fine. You are a fair, reasonable person. Hopefully the hubs will surprise you. People will sometimes.

    I love my LeslieBag. Yours was especially original though. She does have a talent!

  3. As someone who avoided driving the freeways of Southern California the entire time I lived there, I both understand and appreciate what a big deal that was for your sister - great going!!!

    Leslie's bags are wonderful - I love mine. Yours is so fun for the summer...very cool that so many people adored it!

    Good luck with the car situ - fingers crossed that everything turns out right for all parties.

  4. i think i'd offer to pay the deductible... i'd insist actually... that way the hubby can't throw it in your face at some opportune time... just my 2 cents... love reading your blog. Patty

  5. It feels uncomfortable now. Keep your eye on that things will work out. They always do, right? Hold onto that.

    Kudos to your sister. I know how hard it can be to break out and do something like that. I have friends who refuse to drive. I can understand, but it must make like awful hard.

  6. The washing machine called life.
    Sometimes we need the "gentle" cycle.
    Sometimes the "sit and spin!"


We'll try this for a while.