Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going Greek

I am loving my new egg salad experiments. Today's version takes us to the land of Aristole and tzatziki. Rather than using the traditional mayo, I made up my own version of tzatziki. I had a taste this morning and I think it will be very good. Since I cut up the cucumbers to put in the mixture, I'll just be eating it as is today. I do need to think up some whole grain breadish/cracker type thing to serve with/on.

And here's the deal - I find that I am unable to keep any bread products in my home. Bread or crackers and their ilk have some sort of beacon that call to me all hours of the day and night. So while there are plenty of decent options on the market, I cannot bring myself (frugal) self to buy a whole loaf and throw away all but one serving. So I need to figure out how to make, from scratch, one serving of whole grain whatever. Something to ponder.

Had a nice ride through the park last night and a nice ride to the store to pick up my evening treat - kiwi. I've never been much of a kiwi fan, but they must be extra special this year, as I am loving them! Kiwi - definitely not Greek.

ETA: The weaning off of the Diet Coke continues pretty well.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get some variety in your life.



  1. Would you be tempted to eat it all if it was in your desk drawer at work? Meaning, could you take a nice box of crackers there and leave them?

    With me, once my topping is gone I'm not so tempted anymore.

    Loving the egg salad experiments, you're giving me good ideas!

  2. I also love the egg salad experiements. One of my most common b'fasts is one HB egg, one HB eggwhite, a 1/2 1% cottage cheese and some mustard to spice it up. The Tzatziki is a great idea and I love that!

    You know I hear you on the bread/cracker dilemma. Same - one slice/serving would be fine...if there was no more for a 40 mile radius.

  3. Mmmm. My local WF's has had golden kiwis, which are fabulous.

    You could use carrot chips or cucumber slices maybe. Is it possible to buy one whole grain roll / bread from a local bakery?

    Maybe get some masa [corn meal for making tortillas] and experiment with corn cakes?

  4. Oh I love egg salad...any kind!! Sounds great!

    I'm the same way with bread products..exactly the same way!

  5. My recommendation is to get the healthy bread in 5 minutes book. You keep the dough in the fridge and pull off what you want to bake for the day. The loaves can be as big or small as you want. You could just do buns.

  6. Speaking of egg salad, we tried Tarragon Egg Salad and really liked it. The fennel was not as powerful as I had feared. Just don't forget the Dijon.

    Have you considered Pita's as a bread substitute? Locally they're sold in 4 packs so they're less likely to spoil before you can get to them all/.

  7. Ohhh, Egg salad reminds me of mama.

    Breadaholic here. Not a single piece in the house. Maybe a Wasa cracker or two, but who wants a Wasa cracker?
    I get your bread / cracker thing. The baking your own thing for me would be bad news. Sometimes I'll buy the whole grain bakery bread at Publix or Kroger and freeze most of it. When you have to thaw it out(no microwave) first, it gives you some time to make sure that it is not an impulse urge. Or buy just a serving of bread or a single roll at a Subway or other deli place. Bread / muffins / Scones=my krptonite..... the reason I haven't been to a Whole Foods in over a year.

  8. I buy a loaf of Dave's Killer Bread (the one in the yellow package) and put it in the freezer. Take out one or two slices at a time. It's delicious toasted.

    The thing about this bread is it is so full of fiber YOU WILL SUFFER if you eat more than two slices. :-) That is the limiting factor.


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