Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peaches and Hamburgers

There's a story in the family of my then three-year-old cousin. She was sitting in her Grandma's lap, hugging on her and said "Oh, Grandmother, you smell so good, just like peaches and hamburgers." From that moment on, really good things, really good days were not salad days, but peaches and hamburger days. Every day can't be a peaches and hamburger day, and this wasn't isn't.

While I was writing that, the phone rang. My day just got a bit more worrisome. Just got a call back from the mammogram. A "cluster" that they want to take another look at - and not on the problematic left boob. This time the right boob wants some extra attention, apparently. These things always cause me stress. So far, I haven't had any real issues, but with each new find, I seem to go a bit deeper into the process.

What I was going to whine about was that after a great doodle in the park on Cha-Cha, I slept like a log and did not want to get up this morning at all. I was also going to gripe about having this whole construction crap dropped on me at the office, right at the same time I'm pushing out a new software upgrade company-wide. Oh, well.

I've got a follow-up dental appointment this afternoon to assess how successful or unsuccessful the pain and suffering and expense I endured last year turned out to be. I am not looking forward to that. And with that, I think I'll shut up whining.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. May your day be peachy.



  1. All these stupid naggy things as we age - ugh.

    Last year I had to go back for followup on the mammo too Turns out it was "Nothing." As we age our boobs go from muscle and fat to all fat and I had a spot in one that was still muscle so it was showing up as a trouble spot until they figured out what it was.

    I happened to be feeling pretty strong from all my Muay Thai pushups so I left feeling a little insulted that my ta ta's were fat.

  2. Here's hoping that it's nothing. Funny how a phone call will change your perspective.

  3. I hope it turns out to be nothing. But I've been through the follow up and its a bit scary.
    Hang in there I'll be thinking good thought for you.

  4. Naggy and saggy. :D Wishing you outcomes that need no worrying. You're strong. Remind yourself.

  5. How's your peachy day going?
    Thinking good thoughts your way!

  6. I hope your cluster turns out to be nothing but peaches and hamburgers.

  7. I hope you can get the recheck fast so you don't have to live with that darn uncertainty too long. I went through about 9 months of thyroid nodules that had to be biopsied 3 times before I finally got an all clear. Very nerve-wracking.

    Like Rosanne Rosannadanna says..."it's always something!"
    Hopefully this is nothing and the something was the phone call.

  8. I hope it all turns out just fine. I hate the dentist a lot. I will pray everything is okay with your mammogram.


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