Friday, July 23, 2010

Pei(ving) The Wei For A Healthful Choice

I'm meeting friends for dinner tonight at a popular chain Asian-food restaurant. Which is fine, as I like the place, but this weekend promises to be back-to-back restaurant meals, so I decided some planning was in order. Lordy, how did people watch what they ate BEFORE the internet? I popped over to the website to take a peak at the nutrition information. Holy Smokes - it would be easy to think one could get a healthful meal easily in such an establishment, and I think one would be wrong. First off, you get two servings (minimum) of the counts given, so right away, there is math involved. The calorie count is bad enough and the sodium content is through the roof! I guess the good news is that I'll retain plenty of water to stay hydrated for my long ride tomorrow. Anyhoo, back to the menu. My goal was to stay in the 700 calorie range for dinner, because we are all gathering back at my place for dessert - which will be sliced fresh fruit, topped with Fage, and a dark chocolate Pirouline garnish, all served in a martini glass.

So here's what I've chosen to eat at Pei Wei:

1. Vegetable Spring Roll (1) 110 calories, 290 mg sodium
2. Asian Chopped Chicken Salad (1) entree, no dressing, 340 calories, 320 mg sodium
3. Side Order of Vegetables, 35 calories, 30 mg sodium
4. Thai Peanut Sauce (on side) 2 oz, 160 calories, 360 mg sodium

Totals: 645 calories, 1000 mg sodium.

I don't expect to use all 2 oz of sauce, but ordering sauces on the side is a huge help for all dishes. I've written my choices down on a card (new plan for me - I can just read my choices off the card), so perhaps I will actually stick with it! And it may be too much food - I don't know, I've never ordered these items.

The next restaurant meal with follow tomorrow morning's bike ride. The kids wanted to come over and ride - or at least Slater did, so I've promised to feed them after finishing. I've become a fan of the Groupon, so I've got a couple of options in my pocket. After a 2-3 hour ride, I think I'll be able to "afford" just about anything that I might want.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be prepared.



  1. We have a PeiWei very close by and I've eaten there a few times. I'm 98% sure it's owned by PG Chang's. You're so smart to work out your options ahead and then have them written down. I need to start doing that kind of thing.

    Good point that the sodium will help you keep a fluid maintenance in your body for a long hot bike ride! Enjoy!

  2. I was drinking a protein drink this morning with something called <a href=">Milk protein concentrate </a>and decided to look that up. This is not a mandatory WLS drink, btw, but one I had on hand and which has 35 grams of protein. I'm looking for high protein -- my goal. Though I will not be drinking this stuff again. Thanks to looking it up online.

    We don't have PeiWei. Seems like something I would not be eating much of these days. Your card idea is good though. Very useful.

  3. I love it when a restaurant posts calorie counts. It does help! Sounds like you will be just fine. And dessert sounds devine.

    Have a great weekend, Roxie!

  4. Love Pei Wei.
    Love Groupon.
    hehe you said "Anyhoo!"

  5. Sounds like a great dinner , great selections, good planning with the card, and the dessert sounds yum too. I do the same thing when I know I'm eating at a restaurant that has cal cts on line. I try to make 2 or 3 meal choices, so I can see how I feel when I get there and in case they don't have something. Learned that lesson the hard way.

  6. Chinese food gives me terrible bloat for days. It's all that sodium. What do they *do* to the food back in the kitchen anyway??

    Hope you stuck to your plan - love the card.

  7. Sodium is the worst part of Chinese food. I can always count on gaining at least 2 lbs after a visit to any Chinese restaurant.

    I love the vanilla Piroline cookies...I used to buy a can and eat them all in secret. Thank "dog" (haha...I read your comment on POD's blog) I don't eat like that anymore. :-) Yup...therapy and anti-depressants instead of binge eating. Works for me.

    I love how you are handling so many different situations...I learn so much from reading your posts.

  8. Pei Wei has tripped me up more than a couple of times with their double serving sized portions. What a great idea to write down your order ahead of time in case of menu-induced amnesia, lol!


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