Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Playing Hooky

I was jonesin' for some time with Cha-Cha and so I called in late to work this morning and hopped on for a ten mile doodle in the park. It was glorious. And just what I needed. I am very fortunate to have a bit of flexibility in my schedule.

I had a really good weekend. Great ride with the kids on Saturday - until Pebbles had a little gravity check. She's okay, just road rashy and bloodied knees. She has a history of just riding right off the trail. Actually, she was turning around to talk to me and ran off the path and was heading for the river. She over-corrected, caught the edge of the path and kissed the pavement. Unfortunately, I think this spill may have severely dampened her enthusiasm for riding - that and the fact that she scratched her new iPhone.

There was more goodness to the weekend and one really interesting incident where my response caught me very off-guard. I'm still processing on that one and will write about it when I get some clarity. There's a saying in the rooms that "if you're hysterical, it's historical" and while I was a LONG way from hysterical, my strong reaction to a particular situation merits some closer investigation.

In other news, Cha-Cha is going to Colorado! Bick and I are taking a camping vacation in Colorado next month. Tent and everything! And Cha-Cha is coming along. Bick proposed this outdoor extravaganza and I was like, well, shocked! On tap: rafting, a bit of hiking and some biking for me. I'm excited. This is such a departure from the usual. I'm thrilled to see a bit more activity make it's way into vacations.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Adjust.



  1. God bless you and Bick with the camping. I am not that outdoorsey, even with all the modern amenities at campgrounds these days.

    Nice job getting your ride in this morning!

  2. Ouch, poor Pebbles! I had a similar thing happen the last time I rode a bike out in the real world and I think that's what's been holding me back from getting a bike myself!
    Very exciting news about Colorado! I'm too wussy for rafting but the rest I envy. I hope you'll be taking a camera with you and sharing some photos. I never made it to Colorado, but it looks beautiful in the films and pictures I've seen. Dunno about the tent though, I think a luxury log cabin would be more my speed...

  3. Sounds like a good weekend - glad Pebbles is okay. I laughed because I just heard the term "road rash" for the first time at the convention, and you used it today!

    Also, I never heard the "hysterical/historical" thing before...it's brilliant. And dare I say true? I was a little bit there yesterday, and pretty aware of the historical sh*t that was unearthed below!

    People in every part of Texas I visited were sure friendly. I thought of you several times, esp. while eating at Casa Rio. It was our best meal there! My friends who know nothing of my blogging asked who the person was who recommended the restuarant...I just said "A friend from the rooms." True also.

  4. "If you're hysterical, it's historical." Love that. So true.

    I look forward to reading about your interesting moment.

    The trip sounds wonderful. And cool.

    Take good care.

  5. Cool you could get some time off. My boss is not so lenient. Even now she's telling me to get back to work [me - :) ]

  6. Poor Pebbles!

    Camping in Colorado sounds coooooool! And fun - glad you are not leaving Cha-Cha out of it!

  7. A Colorado camping trip sounds divine! But remember - everything there is UPHILL.

    Bummer about Pebbles little rash, it's importunately part of the package. Re: the iPhone - I use a camera case to hold a little pocket camera and my crackberry on short trips. I use a carabiner to clip it to my handle bars. Keeps them protected and handy.


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