Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stringing Good Days Together

I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while. Remember that scene in Working Girl when Melanie's character is asked to explain how she came up with the idea of getting Trask Industries into radio? No? It's one of my favorite movies and I've seen it about a hundred times. Anyhow, Melanie explains that she's reading the gossip column about the radio station owner's daughter becoming engaged AND she's reading the business pages about some other company looking to fight a take-over. So she begins thinking Trask Radio, Trask Radio. Well, this idea is like that. First, a part of this came from Karen who was counting down her days until her big birthday - there are 94 days until mine. Part two came from a combination of Helen and Leslie talking about stringing together good days. Part three came from me and my results from June.

During the month of June, I had:

25 - number of days I tracked my food
17 - number of days I had purposeful exercise
26 - number of days I recorded my weight
68 good things

Bonus good things:

3 instances of Mindful eating (2 that I wrote about yesterday and one last night that I'll detail later)

1 instance of weighing the same 141.5 June 1 AND June 30 without obsessive vigilance. There was a variation of 139.5-145.5 throughout the month, but overall, I'm calling this maintenance and a damned fine maintenance it was.

Total = 72 sparkles for the month of June

So I've got 94 days left until my birthday. How many good things/days can I string together? How about I make my own 50th birthday necklace of sparkly goodness as a manifestation of the lifestyle changes that I've made? Would that not be the coolest thing ever? I'm making my own kick-ass birthday present - a multi-strand necklace of some sort - with each bead representing some good thing that I've done ask an act of practicing good self-care. Some bonus things will be worth bigger, prettier beads.... I obviously haven't worked out all the details and I don't have a clue as to how to make jewelry, but we ALL know someone who knows how. And even if we don't, it can't be that hard, can it? Care to join me? Let's let our jewelry tell our story! Doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, just meaningful.

Last night's dinner with Sandy was very nice indeed. She seems to be pretty happy these days - there a new beau in her life - first one in several years, I believe. We had a lovely chat and a lovely meal. I ordered exactly what appealed to me, sampled this and that and then sent the leftovers home with her. And I left the restaurant feeling this side of full and very satisfied. I'm showing a scale bump today, but I am even more susceptible to sodium now that I've virtually quit using it at home. It may be several days before it dissipates, as I've got another restaurant meal ahead of me tonight.

Oh, there was a bump in the road last night. I had looked online at the menu and had made my choices only to get to the restaurant to discover they only offer a portion of the online menu on any given day. So that's what led to the "sampler platter" rather than the grilled fish I'd planned to order. Still, it all turned out okay.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get some love beads.


Necklace is by Bounkit via Golightly Blogs


  1. My 50th is right around the corner too. I will bead it up with ya! I have a friend that makes jewerly and will help me. That is a great idea Roxie!

    It helps to count all your good things. Here's to many, many beads for both of us.

    Glad Sandy is doing well. I know that sodium is alot of the extra weight that I am carrying right now as well. Damn Stuff!

  2. I am so. not. crafty. But I absolutely adore the idea of turning the one good days into an actual necklace. I can't wait to see what yours looks like Roxie!

    I think being able to swing it when things are not exactly as you planned, especially when it come to food and restaurants, is a remarkable achievement.

    Another bead for that!

  3. How about a necklace with 50 sparkly diamonds in it? That would be awesome!

    Sounds like you had a great month.

    I find my maintenance has the weight swings like yours. For some reason, when I was younger I thought when you hit a maintenance number, that was the number you stuck at. I was a silly girl....

  4. I knew a chick who strung together paper for every pound of weight she'd lost. She had a ribbon of about 60 or so multi-colored paper clips, on the wall behind her desk.
    It was so prominent, we called her Paper Clip!
    And everyone knew exactly who we were talking about.

  5. Great idea with an actual necklace - it will be both something to look forward to, and to look back on for all of your efforts!

  6. What a great idea! Stringing together good things, and then making a necklace representing all those good things. Sounds totally cool. I'm willing to give it a try. :)

  7. Love the focus on the positive. Doing that changed my life. Honest. :)

  8. Glad to hear Sandy is doing well and you two had a nice visit. And way to go with your choice at the restaurant.

    I like your idea of making a necklace. Am I the only one that's not turning 50 this year? I did that 3 yrs ago :)

  9. Great idea the necklace. I'm off to buy some love beads.

  10. I do remember that scene and I loved that movie too! Great idea to count all the victories you had - very positive and affirming. AND, you are doing great!

  11. That's a great idea..the necklace!

    I LOVE that movie "Working Girl"..I've seen it a hundred times too. I could probably recite it to you.

    I loved it when she was about to cut her hair and said "if you want to be taken seriously, you need to have serious hair" LOL

  12. I love that movie!

    What a great idea for the necklace! Around here there are beading classes everywhere. I'm sure there are some in your area, too! And so many beautiful beads--I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  13. of course I know the movie (and am a fan of the line "all lifes questions are answered in the movies" -- know it?).

    and that is SUCH A GREAT idea.

    I could make one badass necklace too with the time I have till 50.
    and I cant wait till fifty.

    xo xo



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