Friday, July 9, 2010

To And Fro

Let me say that I am not really making fun of the late, great Bob Ross, because I adore him. Today, however, I am sporting a hairstyle that is very close to the white woman fro. The time to discover one is out of shampoo is not when one is already in the shower. Even the hunt for brought-home hotel shampoo proved fruitless. So this morning, I washed my hair in Target's vanilla body wash. Couple that with the humidity and you have me with the Rossette!

I've let the weekend sneak up on me and don't really have much in the hopper in the way of plans. I think we are under flash flood and thunder storm warnings all weekend, so I don't know about getting a ride in, but I will do my darndest.

In other news, I'm on day two or three of my attempt to cut back on the Diet Coke. I've done really well cutting my normal consumption of at least eight (yea, I know) down to two. I haven't switched over to water yet, but instead am using the crystal light packets dumped into water. And I'm drinking a lot of those - probably not any better for me than the DC, but certainly less expensive and I am hoping, a gateway to just plain water.

I'll probably catch a pilates class today at lunch and save my legs for what I hope is a longish ride tomorrow.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Go with the fro.



  1. I, too, am cutting way back on the Monster LoCarbs.
    I like the sparkling water. Regular water is too "watered down!"
    I added an instant tea packet to the sparkling water. It was pretty good. A new taste sensation?

    Go with the fro. lol!

  2. Wishing you tons of luck on your withdrawals from diet crack and also going with the fro.
    Had me laughing thinking about the Rossette. ha!

  3. Crystal Light as a gateway to water - you are funny! Good luck - are you having any caffeine-withdrawl headaches?

  4. Well, I think a fro might look cute on ya!

    Seriously, 8/day? I'm just sayin'.

    Hope you don't get soaked this weekend, but I'm glad the rain has moved on ;)

  5. I love my DP. I have cut way back. Luckily I love H20 as well. I don't drink anywhere

    I have been getting caught up with you. So happy that you get to go to Turkey. I have a friend that is going this fall as well.

    I loved your self examination the other day. I saw myself in that ALOT! I sometimes forget I AM NOT THE PUPPET MASTER! I always TRY to remember that when you point at have 4 fingers pointing back at you. OUCH indeed.

  6. anywhere near 8 sodas a day. I got sidetracked and forgot what I was doing. I am sure you never do that.

  7. My hair gets all freaky in the humidity, too.

    Have you tried seltzer water that is unsweetened, but has a flavor in it? That will give you the fizz and flavor, but no artificial sweetener.

    I drink this stuff all the time.


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