Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tour de MudPants

Just in from a wonderful, albeit muddy ride this morning. Cha-Cha ain't got no mudflaps and I'm sporting the stripe to prove it. Actually, I'm a pretty muddy mess as it was wet out there. Lots of places where water had been over the trails and left debris and mud in it's wake. Cha-Cha just might be a mudder, although I might need a few more mud lessons. Hitting patch of mud can get kind of squirrelly. I really wanted to see what everything looked like after so much rain yesterday, but everything was pretty clear. The river was up some, but I was still able to cross at the dam to get in the complete 22 plus mile out and back ride.

It started to rain while I was out and while I could see the raindrops rippling the river surface, I couldn't feel any discernible drops, so I just kept going. I'm sure the rain will get heavier throughout the day, so I'm glad I got my ride in when I did.

I still haven't made any firm plans other than to finish up the laundry, complete with muddy biking clothes, take a soaky soaky bath. SHIT! Just remembered - still haven't bought shampoo. Another fro day for me! Now where was I, oh, I think I was on my way to Dallas to go to the Farmer's Market and pick up the camping gear from the kids. And a trip to see the kiddos usually translates into Mom buying pizza! Now that sounds like a plan.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Earn your stripes.



  1. It's absolutely pouring here and supposed to all day. I hit a puddle on foot and now have too soaked socks and 2 waterlogged running shoes. Have a cozy weekend.

  2. I love the rain. I feel it a stripe of glory every time I earn my stripe.

    Have a fun time with your kids. Yum pizza.

    Thank you so much for your link that you love today. I loved it too. Will be thinking about more and rereading it. Lots of good info. Gonna start making some lists!

  3. My bike had fenders, my husband's does not. I always get a laugh when we ride through wet stuff and he wears it - I've offered to buy him fenders but he doesn't think they're cool. Whatevs.

    Did you say you rode 22 miles?!? Dang, woman - you are really turning into a real biker-babe!

  4. Rain is forecast here for today. It would be a welcome relief from the heat. 93 degrees at 6 a.m. this morning.

    Pizza! Yum. That DOES sound like a plan. But I think I'll skip the muddy bike ride on the way! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I looove the rain
    any day it rains here in the summer and isnt scorching heat I dance.

    Miz, who is now pondering the correlation and wondering if she bringeth on the rains with her dancing..

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun - and so intrepid! And 22 miles - what a great workout!
    Eat some pizza for me...
    I'm off to do a rain dance!

  7. I know that stripe well, lol. I keep meaning to get some fenders for Nellie but never think about it until I splash through a puddle ;)

    Hope you had fun with the kids.


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