Thursday, July 22, 2010

Violet Beauregarde

I think I just may turn into a blueberry! They are just wonderful this year. I've never, ever really liked them until now. This year's crop must be extraordinary. I'm going through a bunch of them - for breakfast in my steel cut oats, for lunch in my BASS (Big Ass Spinach Salad) and with Fage and flax for dessert. I shall miss them when they are gone.

I also had some of my beloved Rainier cherries today. They may be what I miss the most about home. I personally planted two trees on the old place about 15 years ago and always looked forward to being home in time for harvest. I'd just stand under the trees and pick and eat.

The news from the return visit to the breast center was inconclusive. They took another set of pictures. I spoke with the radiologist and he put me on a mammogram every six months schedule - "watch and see what happens", so I guess no news is good news. My boobs are going to glow in the dark after this is over. The bit that I am uncomfortable with is that the radiologist that read my initial pics was not the one who read yesterday's.

Had my consultation for the routine colonoscopy, which I scheduled for early September. It's the first time I could fit it into my schedule. I'll be glad when all my "routine" tests are completed. It's a good thing I'm so "healthy". Had another nurse comment on my low blood pressure, but this one called me an athlete! I think I love her.

Had a great ride this evening and enjoyed the abundant wildlife visible in the park - tonight's special guest was the beaver in the river, along with the usual suspects - geese, ducks, egrets, not-quite feral cats and their companion, the raccoon.

Random Notes:

I bought a Turkish language CD. I have no ear for languages. God only knows how I will butcher this language. I wanted to speak Spanish in France, Italian in Puerto Rico - who knows what I'll mangle this time.

The picture of me and my bicycle from 1968 - the bike wasn't a Stingray. I got the bike for Christmas in 1967 and I guess my Dad must have "pimped my ride" when those pictures were taken. Kinda like the the time in 6th grade when I wanted to wear jeans to school, so my Mom sewed me some - just not quite the real thing. Shasta Cola, I'm looking at you!

In one of my many Doh! moments - Brian mentioned evaporative cooling in a comment. I'd been wondering why in the hell I wasn't sweating on my rides, but in the elevator ride from the parking garage to my floor, it's like it was raining on me. I just thought the elevator was extraordinarily hot. And I have a master's degree. Jeez Louise....

Lori's comment about keeping dough in the fridge made me laugh. Not at you, Lori, but how that would NEVER work for a breadkiller such as myself. I poked around for the Dave's Killer Bread that Grace mentioned, but it isn't available in Texas - not that a little thing like fiber could scare me. No, the only real safe, healthy bread solution for to ensure that I only eat an appropriate amount is to have the grain field in my back yard. That way, I would be required to harvest the grain by hand, pound it into flour with a mortar and pestle and then begin the baking process. Between that and a full-time job, I don't know that I could get myself into too much trouble. Seriously, I have a really big problem with the breads. I cannot tell you how many diets hit the skids simply due to bread and butter.

And in the "this ought to be fun" category - Sandy's birthday is coming up and for her birthday dinner, she wants Bick to take her, her beau Aloisious, her mother and me to dinner at the S'mores place downstairs from me. Joy! It will be fine - Bick's ex and I don't have any thing between us, but it will be our first gathering with such a small group.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be French - have fruit for dessert.



  1. I had a sting ray bike. My Dad pimped mine out by putting electric blue tires on it. I was mortified. Looking back on it now I could kick myself. Blue tires really were pretty cool. No matter what those mean kids said.

    I envy your park rides. I ride, but to work. City streets. We do have a lot of feral cats though. Ick. It's like a Stephen King movie.

  2. No news is good news for sure.

    I thought of you last night when the 6 year old nephew was over. He wanted something to eat and asked what we had for snacks. All I could offer was some All Bran Crackers. Then he asked if I had butter. "Of course" "Well, if you could just give me some crackers and butter, I really really like that." He ate 15 crackers with butter! It was sort of cute watching him eat them though, he really did enjoy them.

  3. I made these with blueberries and added protein powder. They are yummy. I left out the ton of sugar and added some sugar-free Torani's vanilla and used non-fat fage instead of regular sweetened yogurt. Experimenting is the name of my game lately. You can eat one for dessert though I am having mine for lunch today.

  4. No news is good news on the BC front. Really.

    I am such a blueberry fiend right now! I feel like I have to really chow down because the season is so short. At least for the picking anyway.

    I really love bread, too, and have to be so careful with it. We will often freeze partial loaves so it won't go bad and so we won't eat it all with some fresh nut butter and jam :O

  5. Rainier cherries...I love them. In fact, as I write this, I am eating them by the handful. They are so cheap right now...I paid $1.99 a lb for this batch.

    I had a "Huffy" bike when I was growing up. I remember I paid for half of it out of my allowance, and my parents paid for the other half. I think that made it extra special and I really appreciated it.

    Sorry you can't get Dave's Killer Bread...but if mass fiber won't deter you, maybe it's just as well. :-)

    Good luck with the mammo...I'm glad you are going to keep on top of it.

  6. I was french tonight - we had strawberries and bananas for dessert! I'm glad you are getting all of your check-ups out of the way. I need to do the same thing.

  7. I so miss my banana seat bike with the woven plastic basket.

    In my deluded writermind MANY DAYS I think if I could just get that back (and the old copy of Harriet the Spy I used to tote around in there) life would be perfection.


  8. Our blueberries have been great too - a perennial favorite of mine. The no news is good news is good news is a good philosophy. But it wasn't until this post that I realized you've already had an experience with BC? I didn't know that.

    Living with uncertainty seems so...uncertain, and unsettling, until I pause to realize that all is uncertain. It's just that there are times when "something" brings our ultimate powerlessness, inability to control anything other than ourselves and the uncertainty of all existence into clear focus. And the antidote is spiritual grounding and connectedness. You clearly have those in place in your life.

    You are a dutiful person - already scheduling that colonoscopy before you turn 50! I put it off until 53 just because I didn't see a doc until then and he noodged me.

  9. Leslie, I don't know about the dutiful part - I've got quite a bit of 2nd tier colon cancers on my Mom's side of the family.

    Dana - I bet you had the first blue tires in the neighborhood! But as kids, we all just wanted to "fit in" - see me and the "homemade jeans".

    Helen - I can totally go through a sleeve of crackers with butter. There is something about that saltiness that I just love.

    Janell, what a great site! Yummy, yummy stuff...I think dessert for lunch is a spectacular idea. BTW, I am wearing my prize earrings today and they look spectacular. Thank you again!

    Lori, I know that I would succumb to the combination of bread and nut butters! Sounds just too good!

    Grace - you would cringe if I told you what I paid for them here. After being reminded of this, perhaps I don't love them quite as much :-)

    Diane - Strawberries are so good right now! Love it - I'm not a big fan of bananas - I'll take extra strawberries, please!

    Miz, I LOVED Harriet The Spy. Perhaps it's time I re-read my childhood favorites. It might be a perfect fit - I've got the attention span of a child these days. Hmmm, The Box Car Children, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, A Wrinkle In Time, Ramona The Pest, The Great love of books was legendary....

  10. Sorry about all of the mammo stuff - hate the "wait and see" deal. Hopefully you can put the issue to rest for the next six months w/o having to stress over it. But really (thinking "out loud" here), if there was something serious they would have scheduled more testing immediately, so I'm sure everything is just fine.


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