Monday, July 19, 2010

With Six You Get Egg Salad

I'm a good cook, but since living by myself, I haven't exercised those muscles much lately. After last week's revelation, I'm trying to spend some time and creative energy putting some ZIP-ZAP-POW into my food. So borrowing from Lynn, (I can't find her recipe - so I just made up my own) I've made egg salad two times using egg beaters.

I cooked 8 oz of egg beaters and set to cool. I chopped some red onion, lots of fresh dill, 1 tsp mayo, some dijon, some horseradish and added in say a tbl of Fage and mixed that up. When the egg is cool, chop it up and mix all together. Top with some good smoked paprika - not that stuff that's been in your cupboard since before our butts fell. I will eat my egg salad today as a canape, served on cucumber slices instead of bread/cracker. Oh, and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

Other variations I'm anxious to try are here at this fabulous website (photo credit for above picture). Lori has an excellent curried chicken salad recipe that I am going to try to adapt. Also, I'm thinking wasabi!

Got in 25 miles on Saturday. Had a really wonderful ride, but wasn't able to fit in another ride last night. Just ran out of daylight. I hope to remedy that this evening. I start the litany of medical tests (all routine stuff) as prescribed by my well woman check up last week. This afternoon is the boob-smasher - which for me, is pretty much like taking a tube sock full of bb's and putting them in a vice. Always fun!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Scramble some egg (whites).



  1. "Since our butts fell" -
    That's a good way of saying it, Roxie!
    Spice and variety is the way to go .
    In food and relationships and work -
    Work outs....all kinds of things!

  2. Yum, haven't had egg salad in some time - thanks for the reminder of a good change of things to eat and great ideas on how to cook it cleaner :)

  3. I'll tell you a secret. Sometimes I eat egg salad for breakfast, on toast. Love it.

    Anne is right, spice and variety make all the difference!

  4. I never thought of making egg salad with egg beaters! That sounds delicious on sliced cucumber - yum!

  5. Egg salad made with eggbeaters and served on cucumber? Genius!

    Good luck with your medical tests - I always bribe/treat myself with something (used to be ice cream, now it's frozen yogurt) after the boob smasher.

  6. Mmmm. Wasabi.

    Never thought to make egg salad with the eggbeaters. Will have to give it a go next time I'm wondering what to have for lunch.

  7. What a great idea - can't wait to try it out! I'm on a major weight loss journey and I'd love for you to follow my blog as well at

  8. Im so boring.
    never had eggsalad potato salad chicken salad tuna salad.

    whats the common theme here? usually mayo.

    I caint stand the mayo and have resisted since childhood.




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