Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 miler

Just completed my first 30 miler this morning - actually 31.24 according to map my ride. It would have been just 30, but I got a little lost! The street names on the online map didn't complete match those on the actual streets so I took a bit of an uphill detour. But on my way back, I saw where other cyclists were turning and just followed them.

This new stretch of the road actually follows the lake and opens me up for another 15 miles of what is, for me, more hills than I am used to. But I am going to gradually add to my distances over time. I did talk to Pebbles this morning and she is going to take Cha-Cha in for a checkup next time she is over here, which will be Thursday.

Which I am dreading. I'm having the guess-what-you-are-turning-50-and-you-need-this-routine-but-invasive-test on Thursday. Pebbles has agreed to be my designated driver on this escapade and while she's here with her handy dandy haul anything vehicle, she's going to take Cha-Cha in for a tune up, too. One of us is slipping - this should be getting easier and not feel like it's a bit harder.

Last night ended up being an impromptu blast. I had planned to ride with my city's non-confrontational version of those group mass bike rides. I was home and all dressed and ready to hop the bus with Cha-Cha to go to the start. And yes, I'm well aware of the irony, idiocy, whatever of taking the bus to a bike ride, but I do not feel safe riding on the streets (major thoroughfare and I'm too slow) to get there and the walkway on the bridges are too narrow and too dangerous to ride upon, imho. So, I'd decided to take the bus. There were three buses scheduled to come by and each carries a bike rack with room for two or maybe three bikes. Figured I'd try to grab the first available, but still have options in case they were already full.

Just as I was about ready to leave, it finally struck me that the whole ride wasn't safe for me, as it would go until 9pm and I still don't have lights for me or for Clementine. So much for that idea! Safety first. It would have been fun. I've seen pictures from other such events here in town and they look very family friendly.

But before I could even get disappointed, one of my GNO friend's called me and said that she didn't want to go home yet - could she come hang out with me and so we did. Had a great time - tried out a new restaurant for which I had just purchased a groupon - how fortunate was that? And then we went to the ice cream sandwich place and had a bit of ice cream and a warm cookie and people watched! It was great fun! I do, however, need to throttle back on the ice cream.

Except for one thing - she left and I was getting ready to go to bed when I realized that we had accidentally, but dramatically under-tipped our waiter! I was mortified! So I put my shoes on, walked back down to the restaurant, found him, apologized and gave him an extra-generous tip because of our stupidity (actually, we were just so involved with talking, etc. that we weren't paying attention). All in all, a lovely evening. I love being on the street at these little sidewalk tables. Last night the weather was lovely and people were just wonderful. We talked to people walking down the street, at ours and neighboring restaurants. Wonderful summer evening!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Scope out your environment.



  1. Wow, you rock! Just the thought of that is making bits of me ache in sympathy...
    Good luck on Thursday, I'm sure you'll get through it no problem.

  2. Congrats on your milestone! (The bike one, not the 50yo one.) I wish we had a critical mass ride here, but we don't. There IS some sort of midnight ride tonight, but it's a charity thing and cost too many $$$ for me right now.

    As for the Big Test, it's really not so bad. The prep part leaves a lot to be desired, but the test itself is really kind of anti-climatic. :)

  3. We need to get together for a ride sometime!! Wish we lived closer.

    Congrats on the mileage :D

  4. It was very nice to go back and give a good tip.
    I try to leave 20 percent each time.
    I have only ever left one bad tip in my life.
    It was to a waitress in massachussetts. She was terrible.
    First, we sat for twenty minutes waiting to get our menus while she stood behind us chatting up two guys.
    then we asked for them and she rolled her eyes...went and got them and then without looking smacked them on our table.
    then we had to call her back fifteen minutes later to take our drink order. which she didn't write down and got wrong. we waited forty five minutes for our food, which when we got it, it was cold. Not that we could send it back cause she was no where to be found. It went downhill from there. She was so lazy and so snotty that I left a penny at the bottom of a water cup and wrote...'your tip' on the napkin underneath.

  5. Sounds like you had a spetacular evening. And that sounds just like you, going back and tipping the waiter. Actually, I've done something similar myself. Actually forgot to tip, then had to go back and apologize and tip.

    About that invasive procedure, I had mine five years ago on my 50th birthday. It's not a big deal at all. I was knocked out for the entire procedure and didn't feel a thing. The getting ready for the procedure is the really icky part. Be sure to buy some Tucks medicated pads. They're a lifesaver. You'll know what I mean once you drink that nasty liquid they make you drink and spend what seems like forever in the bathroom.

    On a nicer note, my doctor told me that the procedure is going away. He said in a few years they'll have a totally non-invasive procedure. Hopefully by my 60th. :)

  6. I love your integrity over the tipping situation. Glad you had such a good evening, and you ended it in a wonderful way!

    Hope your test goes well - my husband had his a few years ago and was so goofy afterward from the druggggs that I wished I'd have recorded him. So if you see Pebbles with a video camera on Thursday morning, you might want to take it away from her. ;)

    Too funny - word verification is "bique" - French Bick?

  7. hmmm.
    Im torn between coveting your bike and loving mine.
    recumbenting :)
    and where I can read STAR MAG midride.



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