Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Change In The Weather

I was surprised by the cool front that blew in yesterday. Dropped a ton of rain for about an hour or so and dropped the temperature by about twenty degrees. I knew that I must take advantage of it, so I went home and hopped on Cha-Cha for a ride in the park.

While the temp was low, the humidity was pretty darned high, so the ride wasn't as good as I'd hoped. My legs felt like lead, but they pretty much always do when I start out, but yesterday they just stayed that way. I was looking forward to that "whee" feeling, but I didn't get it. Oh, well. It was still a nice ride and I saw some different wild and not-so-wild life. I saw a pack of raccoons that were adorable, but scary at the same time. I was riding on a trail in a wooded area and happened upon them. But the scariest thing I saw - is the newly elected Mayor of PissyMoodVille (I've been demoted to merely a city council member) - a big old domestic goose that was IRRITATED that I was riding on the path that His/Her Honor wished to cross. He/She lowered her head, stretched out her neck and made a charge! I just peddled around.

Change of subject - Maintenance. I've been trying out some lower numbers this summer in an effort to determine what is reasonable and sustainable for me. I don't know that I have a specific goal weight in mind, but I think I'd like to establish 142.5 as my high end. I'd like to weigh below that. I seem to be able to sustain this weight and still live a non-restrictive life, if I keep the stupid stuff in check.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Cool down.



  1. I seem to be able to sustain this weight and still live a non-restrictive life.

    Thats the key huh? you seem a lot like I am.
    restrict us and we rebel :)

  2. I look forward to establishing a maintenance place. Love Miz' comment - "live a non-resrictive life".

    The weather has been a lot more moderate here as well, but also more humid than I appreciate. Glad you at least got a ride in, even if it wasn't as lilting as you'd hoped.

  3. Speaking of older "easy listening" bands, wasn't "Change in the Weather" an old CCR or at least a Dan Fogerty tune?

    Props to you for sticking it out with your ride too. It's such a bummer when you start out all invigorated then lose the glow after you get going. It's so easy to slip into that "Oh, forget it" mindset.

  4. This photo is pretty cool already.
    Did the goose usurp your power, oh, Mayor of Pissymoodville? Those geese can be very bitchy.

    Raccoons are cute unless they are standing in your kitchen.

  5. Our weather got cool too - I absolutely love it!

    Hope to get a bike ride in tonight - and get that whee! feeling - if only my neighborhood didn't have so many hills!

  6. "I seem to be able to sustain this weight and still live a non-restrictive life, if I keep the stupid stuff in check. ""

    Seems like a lot of us picked up on this. Sounds like maintenance in a nutshell to me.

  7. Jeff was visiting the kids in Denton yesterday and I was so envious of the cool weather up there as it hit 107 AGAIN here.

    Your maintenance plan is exactly what I want mine to be - no daily struggles with eating. Somehow I think I will end up at a higher number than I originally planned on, but that's ok because I will be content, and I figure contentment is worth five extra pounds.

  8. That photo is beautiful!! I wish we had a place like that around here.

    Ah, yes. Maintaining and a non-restrictive lifestyle. I agree with Miz: if I'm told I "can't" do something or have something then it becomes an obsession. A nice, balanced life is what it's all about. :)

  9. I do still watch what I eat, because I know that I'm still capable of gaining weight and that's not what I want.

  10. Hi Roxie from another Roxie! So cool, I've never met another with my name, only Roxanne's.

    I found your blog tonight while looking for weight loss blogs, so glad I did. Sounds like you're doing great, congrats on the big loss!

    I'll be back.


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