Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feelin' Groovy

I got in a good ride this morning. I even extended it a couple of miles. Thought about pushing it to thirty, but decided to just leave well enough alone. I've only ridden once in the last three weeks? I think that's right. I probably rode three Saturdays ago and then again last Saturday, so it felt good to back into my "groove". I needed this time on Cha-Cha this morning and actually chose to do that rather than spend the night in Dallas with Pebbles. While I love my daughter to bits and pieces, I really needed to practice good self-care and that meant staying home, getting some good rest and getting in some good exercise. I don't always keep me as a priority, but I did this morning.

I am looking forward to more "back in the groove" next week. My plan is to be back on the bus again, meaning more time spent on foot. I like how that seems to keep me more centered, focused and better grounded. It takes me about three days of healthy eating and healthy living to get back into the zone or groove. The zone is that special place where carbs hold no sway and I am immune to all things chocolate. The zone is when I am anxious to exercise and feel hale and healthy, irrespective of what the scale might say. I used to feel like the zone was some magical something that sort of happened my way and in some cases, it may be. But mostly, if I can invest three days, I'm rewarded.

Monday evenings have the potential to be stressful, but I am going to do my dead-level best to focus on the problems that are mine to solve. I've been getting calls from my sister and I know she's feeling lots of pressure to do something about this and I've tried to reassure her and not make her feel pressured, but I just got off the phone with her and she's knee-deep in the middle of this. Oh, well. She is an adult and is responsible for making her own decisions on this. I cannot control her actions, nor her mindset. It's not for me to judge.

Time to strip the bed and do some laundry. Then I'll get cleaned up and head for Dallas. I'm in the market for traveling shoes - that both are comfortable and fashionable, but I may be tilting at windmills.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get into your groove.



  1. Sounds like a good ride! I haven't been out on my borrowed bike for a couple of days now, I must try to do it again before I forget how again! You were quite right to make yourself a priority for a change, you do spend most of your time thinking about others after all, and the fact that you love them and are happy to take care of them doesn't mean you don't need to turn some of that to yourself as well!

  2. Love it when you get in the groove - life just seems to flow, right?

  3. I'm glad you put yourself first and stayed home to do what you needed to! Women tend to put their own needs last out of fear of seeming selfish, but it is really the opposite!

  4. I like the way you talk about the "zone." I had been in the "zone" for so long, but am all out of whack because of a family death, so that's a huge encouragement to me. 3-4 days and hopefully, I'll be back in the zone again. You're right - that's about how long it takes for me as well. Maybe we can encourage each other these next three days getting back in the zone! Thanks!


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