Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been a rocky re-entry

Re-entry back into my real life after such a wonderful vacation has been a bit rocky. Work has continued to be chaotic, with Monday being like trying to take a drink out of a fire hose. Tuesday was a bit of an improvement and Wednesday brought me back to dealing with family issues.

Wednesday was the inspection of the water damage to Reata South. It went pretty well, although it turns out my insurance is not what it should be. And this is my fault, so I get to pay the idiot penalty on that one. In my financial planning, my dear Meg had asked that I review all my insurances and get them up to snuff. That was part of that "Tuesday Challenge" stuff that I've yet to complete. Oh well. It's done now. Now comes the next hurdle which is to find someone to do the work. I've got a couple of leads on that. And then the issue will be when to do the work. And where will my mother/sister live while the work is being done. I've got some ideas on that.

I did have a long discussion with my Mom over how things needed to be in order to get the repair work done. No judgment on my part - no griping. Just a statement of facts that we had to have room to move the appliances out of the kitchen and they needed to come out the front door. That all the kitchen would need to be cleared out, etc. She conceded that stuff needed to be let go of, but that she just couldn't do it and she couldn't be there when it was done. So I talked to my sister and every Monday night for the foreseeable future, Mom is going to visit her sister and her brother and my sister and I are going to clear some stuff out. Since we are only doing this once a week, I hope we can stay ahead of Mom and her buying. This is not a solution, hell, I don't think this is even progress. But it helps me solve the problem I need to solve, which is getting the repair work done.

Last night was the wrap party for the big project I've been working on. Glad to get that behind me. Yesterday the auditors pointed out a mistake I'd made. That sucked, but I am not beating myself up over it. Hell, I wasn't even defensive. New tactic for me. Felt a lot better this way. "Yes, I guess I must have over-looked that. I'll get right on it and try to pay more attention in the future".

I guess the really great news in all of this is while I am very tired, I am very happy with how I've handled myself in the face of pressure and anxiety. I chose my attitude and was able to stay in the solutions, rather than add to the problems. For that, I am grateful. It's a new and different way to live and I am happy to be learning a bit of it.

This weekend brings some time with Pebbles. I was supposed to go over and spend the night at her house tonight, as Slater is in CA visiting friends, but I think I'll pass on that. I need to get Cha-Cha out for a spin. I did ride LAST Saturday morning out at Bick's, which was nice and new, but it's time to get back into the routine. I only hit the gym one time last week and that was a for not much of anything. So Saturday morning I will get a ride in and then go to Dallas to visit/shop with Pebbles. I am still in the market for a pair of comfortable, but non-nun looking shoes for the upcoming trip. I also need a new purse. So spending time with Pebbles should be fun.

I'm staying in town this weekend to attend meditation/church on Sunday. Bick is coming in on Sunday afternoon and we are going to see a movie. Great way to avoid the heat. I am hoping this heat will break soon. It's been a real drain this week.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Regroup.



  1. Love your description of the Monday back to work. I always think we should go back on Tuesday, but then that would be Monday wouldn't it?

  2. Hope you find some relief from the heat also. It's been so mild here.

    I Like how you have a wrap party and the auditors show you your errors.

  3. Way to handle all your problems. Talking things out with your mom was great. I like the idea of her not being home. Way to go mom for giving up control on that one. At least she recognizes that.

    Have a great weekend. When are you going to Turkey again? For your Bday? Just wondering.

  4. I have a friend whose mom is a hoarder and has been evicted from apts because of it. My friend and her brother have unloaded whole apts in to rented storage facilities and the mom goes to visit her things. She was extremely angry with them and it caused much upset in their relationships. Be prepared. might get rocky.

  5. Love how you handled the mistake - I think it's a huge sign of growth when you can be shown something like that and not instantly go on the defense (not that I would know anything about that, lol!).


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