Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Powerless Over People, Places and Things

Last night's trip to Reata South was an exercise in frustration for all concerned. Nothing dramatic happened, but I came to realize that I STILL think I can help fix this. I cannot. Neither of them want to let go of anything. Mom turned out to be unwilling to leave and therefore, not much got accomplished. My Sister's willingness to defend Mom's position on this has me baffled. Oh well. I will assist with the boxing up of stuff to move stuff out of the kitchen. It will be stacked elsewhere. Where it goes is none of my concern. I am powerless to fix this. My sister is 35 years old; I'm offering an assist and she's refusing it. Her life, her decision. I need to stop adding to everyone's frustration.

And speaking of frustration, Hell's Bells. On my way home from Reata South last night, I was stopping for a McDonald's ice cream cone, because, well, I use food. I'd recently changed purses and dropped all of my change into my change container at the house and I was out of folding money. McD's has their vanilla cones on for 49 cents and I'd managed to scrounge up enough car change to buy myself a new dimple on my ass. Except when I got to the drive thru, ice cream was no longer on sale, I didn't have a dollar seven and I wasn't about to use my debit card for that. But it sure did make me the Mayor Of PissyMoodVille until I had to laugh about it. Sometimes the universe has to slap me around a bit before I will take notice. I did seriously consider going to an ATM because I WANTED that damned ice cream. I did finally stop and think how much better I was going to feel if I just went on home - hell, it was almost ten pm anyway! Sheesh. Tender Mercies and all that.

Did get a bit of good news yesterday over some left-over legal wrangling. Actually won a skirmish with a state agency/bureaucracy. That almost never happens. Plenty to be thankful for on that and all counts, really.

Back on the bus again today. I'll remember to take my ID to the gym and things will be better today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Sweeping my own side of the street.



  1. UGH! I hate it when simple things are hard. If I don't laugh, I'll cry. Laughing is always the best way to go.

    I can feel your frustration. It's hard when people don't act the way they are suppose to....right? Letting go is so hard. Sounds like you're doing great though.

    We are going to have a great day!

  2. I love those precious few occasions when the universe actually makes it easier for us to succeed :)

  3. Now see, I would have just swiped my debit card for the buck-oh-seven, but that's just me. I guess the universe really was trying to tell you something, lol!

    Argh on the mother/sister situation. So frustrating to end up just packing crap into boxes but they have a sickness and you can't cure it, that's for sure. Hope next Monday night goes better.

  4. You think the situation at Reata South is contributing to your campaign to be the Mayor of Pissyville? No matter how you slice it, that is a tough situation deal with. the appropriate detachment is just so damnably difficult to achieve!

  5. I've had things like that happen to me before - it's good you could just laugh about it! Congratulations on beating the bureaucracy!

  6. I am glad you aren't owning their issues. I see it alot, you can't make people do healthy things or give up things that fill a hole. They have to decide to...which, if you immerse yourself in it..can be unduly frustrating.
    Good job on opeing the hand and letting it go.

  7. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

    Unless your Mom and sister are willing to change, unfortunately nothing you say will have any effect.

    Okay, now I want a McDonald's ice cream cone!

  8. Geez, I WISH I was only swiping my atm card for $1.07. (and here in calif it would be 1.09) assholes.

    Hang in there... you didn't need that cone anyway. you just wanted it. Been there done that! So glad you are all about the recognize.

  9. The universe was talking for sure.

    It can be hard to let go of trying to fix things. There are lots of mixed up feelings. Logic is logic, but in the end we are emotional creatures.

    Hope your day took a good turn.

  10. I think the mayor needs to stock up on cash for dimples. That killed me!


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