Sunday, August 15, 2010

Roxie Mountain High: Day 1

We got off to a pretty early start on Saturday morning, with only one casualty. Cha-Cha. By the time we got the truck loaded up with stuff for Joad family trip, it was pretty "grapes of wrathy" looking. No room for Clementine Peddleford and I was quite sad. But we headed out anyway on what turned out to be a pretty easy ride out of Texas. We were expecting a long beating and had made arrangements to stay in Walsenburg the first night, but we got there so early in the afternoon, that Bick suggested we just make like a nail and press on. So we headed on into Manitou Springs for the night. Our hope was that we could get a spot at the motor court/cottage we'd reserved for the later part of the trip, but they and almost every establishment in town was full up on that Saturday night. We stopped at several, but were turned away. Finally, we found a rather seedy looking place, but it said it was voted best motel and had been newly remodeled. We took it. It was the last room in town. Pretty run down place and I wouldn't recommend it. But it appeared clean enough, so there is that.

After driving all day long, Bick suggested we just walk back into town for dinner, which I am always for spending time on foot. So we headed back into Manitou Springs. On our way, we spotted a Moroccan restaurant that was very uncrowded and decided to take a chance. We go into this strange room and there is no one to great us. We stand there for a few minutes and finally Bick pokes his head through the curtain and starts to walk towards the owner/greeter. The greeter sternly shoes us back into the anteroom to go behind a partition to remove our shoes. He then brings us into the restaurant and seats us on the floor beside a low table. He then brings back a menu that I cannot read due to: font, lack of light, no prices! Our waitresses are very nice and explain a few things to us - while we thought we ordered ala carte dishes, in fact, this is a six course meal! But as the courses came out, they were each more wonderful than the last - lentil soup, with a hearty honey/whole wheat ground bread. hummus, and taubouli, palate cleanser of citrus lettuce soup, chopped chicken with chopped nuts inside a phyllo dough and dusted with powdered sugar (we looked like we'd been in the bathroom at Studio 54 back in the day after eating this course) and then our main courses - I ordered the lamb in honey and almonds. Bick order the lamb tajine with vegetables and said it was wonderful. Our dessert was the best baklava I'd ever, ever had accompanied by mint tea that was poured from over the waitresses shoulder! Our arms and hands were then washed in rose water and dried and the meal was over! Amazing meal and experience. Oh, and there was a belly dancer that felt more like a lap dancer - I was a little uncomfortable with her just dancing so close to our table - Bick tipped, but wanted her to go away, not to keep hanging around and disturbing us from our meal. All in all, it was a wonderful, surprising and impromptu meal - one of only two meals away from home we had on the trip.

Next up? Heading up on Cripple Creek for some camping.


  1. what a fabulous time! I like moroccan food, but can't find a place around here!

  2. Welcome Back.

    So I would say the fabulous meal made the not so fabulous motel room a teensy bit better! Looking forward to the next installment.

  3. What's a road trip without a cheap motel room? You've had all your shots, right? :)

    And what's this about bathroom antics in Studio 54? I am too innocent to have even the faintest idea of what you mean :p

  4. What an adventurous meal! The belly dancer would have bothered me as well - too funny that the tip only made her stay longer!

  5. hmmm and Ive always wanted to learn to belly dance!


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