Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roxie Mountain High: Day 4 - Premature Evacuation

We returned from our rafting adventure ready for some heavy-duty relaxation. Dinner was to be pretty simple - grilled pork chops, couscous and some grilled corn on the cob. And then the storm clouds started to gather, AGAIN. Bick said he wasn't cooking in the rain this time, so we jumped in the truck and headed back for CC. Except there really wasn't anyplace to eat that wasn't a casino. I will play a hand of blackjack if forced to go to a casino, but Bick pretty much refuses to darken the door. So we drove up and down every street in CC, just looking around and waiting for the deluge to stop. Hell, we even toured the cemetery! The city was nice enough to have a map available, so Bick drove and I narrated. Finally, after about two hours, the rain stopped. We drove back to camp, only to find that it had been hailing or sleeting at the campsite! We dug out the chuckwagon supplies and made another run at fixing dinner.

At that point, we made the decision that we were sort of through with CC. There wasn't really any more to see, so we decided to cut the camping portion of the adventure one day short and head into Manitou Springs.

I cannot tell you how much I loved Colorado. Each site was more beautiful than the next. This is raw, real beauty. Nothing Disneyfied here. The Garden of the Gods was beyond spectacular. That place will put you right with the universe, for sure. We went to the visitor's center, saw the new video presentation and I bought some "Bear Poop" for a friend's 6 year old son! She is going to be so irked at me - I cannot wait! hee. Bear Poop is a hot-selling item at all the local gift shops - it's candy of some sort. But I have to say that these gift shops were the least cheesy and most decently priced of any I've been in. Gift shops do not tempt me, but these had some nice stuff.

Oh, and the best news of all - we went to our cabin and they were able to check us in a day early. Now I cannot say enough fabulous things about this place. If you ever make the trip to that area of CO, stay there. It was like going to a family reunion for family we never knew we had! The place has been in the same family since 1953. Two sisters are now running the place and they and their staff are just wonderful. Seriously, the place is so cute and funky and it feels just like staying at Uncle Leroy's place in the country and it has all the modern conveniences. Well, if you have a pretty long term memory for modern - we had a cottage with a full kitchen - complete with a chocolate brown Kelvinator fridge - proudly made by American Motor Company. Our cottage was built in 1906 and so of course, it was a little funky - fitting in the stuff we modern folks need. I loved every charming inch of the place. This was the perfect place for Bick and I to stay. We teased the girls about us being garden gnomes, because everytime they would walk the grounds, we would be sitting on the porch or down by the stream. Spectacular place - not the usual cookie-cutter hotel experience. Oh, and the beds were super comfy! I cannot wait to go back - and the rates are so reasonable as to be shocking!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Go to Manitou Springs, CO. You'll thank me for it.



  1. The cabins look adorable. It looks like a place I would love to be today. You're right about the raw beauty. The jagged cliffs, the color. I miss green. Oh wait, I am green....jealous much,

    Loved the title of this post too. Made me laugh.

  2. Have I ever mentioned that Colorado is one of the places Mr. Helen would consider retiring too. He lived there back in the 70s and loved it.

    The cute cabin might even tempt me ;-)

  3. I just noticed that Bick is really cute! :) I will remember your review of the cabins in CO because I'm dying to go there someday, and you sure gave me a good lead on Casa Rio in San Ant! Looks like beautiful country. Still looking forward to more travelogue!

  4. How cool that the cabins were so perfect for you two - glad you had such a wonderful time together!

  5. It's nice when you stay in a place that still has a personal touch. Too many places are cold, emotionless and purely about business. To find somewhere that still cares about the customer experience, is becoming a harder task these days :)

  6. Hi Roxie, Just made my way over to your blog and have totally enjoyed reading part of your story. I spent three weeks in Colorado last year and fell in love with it, so can't wait for each days posts of your vacation. Congrats on maintaining your weight loss. You'll be an inspiration to me and I'll enjoy getting caught up with all your earlier posts. Sharon

  7. Sounds like a wise decision to head out a bit early! Beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Colorado-maybe someday!


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