Friday, September 17, 2010

Baja Oklahoma*

Things here at Chez Menopause are a bit wonkier than usual. This week, I've been doing a fierce battle with The Change and I fear it may be winning this time. I've had night sweats for years and have pretty much learned to deal, but this past week has brought a new wrinkle (ha!) to the Throwdown. My history has been that if I'm upright, I'm freezing cold, and if I'm horizontal, I'm too damn hot. This week has brought an infuriating mixture of the two - cold sweats. I'm both too hot and too cold at the same damn time. I've tried reading, meditating, breathing deeply, crossword puzzles, more fans and less fans, increasing the thermostat and lowering the thermostat, more blankets and less blankets, more clothes and less clothes, forays in the middle of the night for hot beverages and cold beverages and nothing is helping. I've resorted to popping an A a night or two. Doesn't even phase it and just leaves me feeling even more groggy in the morning. Suffice it to say, I'm not firing on all eight cylinders these days.

I had a high-stress afternoon at work that involved auditors, me and near-panic and I decided my best strategy after work was to "first, do no harm", so I took myself to a meeting - just to sit and listen. That worked, but it didn't make me much smarter, as I went to the grocery story afterwards "to pick up a few things" and a very few things it was. I staggered out of bed this morning to prepare my food for the day and wondered what the hell I'd been thinking in the grocery store. Evidently, I bought some Flat Out Bread and two very small zucchini.

I keep the grocery inventory here in The Closet pretty lean. This is mostly by design - it keeps me from having too much stuff around in case I get an attack of the "hominy oatcakes" and it keeps my walking or riding to the store for most of my day-to-day supplies. I'd let those supplies run very thin. So even with the influx of squash and cardboard bread, my options for today were meager.

So the menu for today is: fish tacos made with grated zucchini and pacific cod tacos, topped with pesto, lemon zest and some queso blanco. And that includes breakfast.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Improvise.


*Baja Oklahoma popped into my mind somewhere around 3:30am. I was wishing I could re-read it, as it's one of my favorite books, but it disappeared a few years ago. I would not have decluttered this book away, as I've read it bunches of times (along with Heartburn by Nora Ephron). I'm now on a quest to replace this tome as it has brought me great pleasure in the past. Used book stores, here I come.

What books do you read and re-read?

**PPSS I figured out my camera timer, so I'll post some bedraggled pictures of the dress that I took after returning home from the "grocery" HA! store last night. Watch this space.


  1. OK, I have to admit the first paragraph alternately made me smile, empathize and feel very glad I don't sleep with you.

    I think I've probably read Little Women a dozen times. There are others but as I seem to be having my own menopause moment I cannot remember any titles.

    Looking forward to the photos...

  2. Your description of "The Change" makes malaria sound preferable.

    Have you ever considered <a href="><b>Book Mooch</b></a>? It's a swap site for used books. All it ever costs you is postage. My brother is a voracious reader and does a fair amount of trading on the site.

  3. Wish I could edit that comment and stick in the missing "

    Thy here: Book Mooch

  4. Oh The Change. Girl, I am feeling it too. Change already, right?? I look like a rain cloud has just followed me around most of the time. Drip, drip off the nose. UGH! Here's to cooler days.

    I love the Poisonwood Bible, The Hiding Place, and my most favorite To Kill A Mockingbird. I am going to have to check this "Oklahoma" book of which you speak.

    Can't wait for the pics!

  5. I think you look fabulous in that dress! In my opinion, it's not too short to just wear heels w/out tights. But you definitely have to feel comfortable, especially at work.

  6. I had to laugh at your grocery "shop" because I've done the same trying to not buy crap, I end up not buying anything!

    Never heard of Baja Oklahoma but looked it up and my library has it! Put it on my request list - we have two libraries in town, and I make them bring the books I want to "my" library - why yes, I AM getting my taxpayer dollar's worth, lol! Can't wait to read it now.

    Oh man. Hot/cold sweats does not sound fun. I have nothing to offer but my sympathies.

    That dress? FABULOUS!!! You look a-frickin-mazing in it!!! Damn woman - you are hot! Love the shoes - definitely next time wear the original combo. Not too short at all.

  7. So I came back to see the photos. Goodness gracious great balls of fire, you are one hot mama and it has nothing to do with Menopause Manor.

    Horizontal stripes and you rock them like that?

    It's NOT too short, even on you. Both looks are adorable but like Shelley I prefer the no leggings, high heel one. Girl, while you've got it flaunt it, is what I say.

  8. Oh yeah, if I were wearing horizontal stripes, our eyes would head right off the page of any damn book.

    Loved that you call it Chez Menopause. I do not have that issue, I don't think, anymore.

    The only books I reread are books I have forgotten that I read. I am currently reading The Merry Recluse by Caroline Knapp. I am a merry recluse. I think.
    Chez Merry Recluse?
    Chez Hominy Oatcakes?

  9. Roxie speaking of books, I wanted to send you the one we talked about. Can you email me with your addy at katiejisonherway at gmail dot com? Thanks!

  10. Ditto what everybody said and more. You look amazing. No way is the dress too short and i have to say i like the original combo best without the tights.

    There are more but the one series i revisit every couple of years is the 'Lord of the Rings' series. I love the books and the movies both. deb

  11. Male readers favor the dress w/o leggings and the brown strappy heels. Great look and totally work appropriate

  12. The dress looks fine either way! But if you would spend all day being uncomfortable, it's probably not worth it.

    Baja Oklahoma is now on hold at my library, thanks! Some of my re-read favorites: Rise and Shine, Anna Quindlen; Breakup, Dana Stabenow; Pigs in Heaven, Barbara Kingsolver; Step Ball Change, Jeanne Ray; Grace (Eventually), Anne Lamott.


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