Thursday, September 30, 2010

Befores, Afters and In-betweens

I decided on my von Furstenberg-esque wrap dress. It is classic in it’s design and I have a pashmina and great non-stripper shoes to match. Having the pashmina is like carrying a security blanket. I’ll save the killer dress for birthday dinner with Bick on Saturday night.

Got in a good bike ride last night that took me over the 500 mile mark for the summer. I'm pretty amazed by that. Looking forward to 1. carb loading at the state fair on Friday and 2. shooting for that 40 on Saturday.

And while I’m at it, since you are getting some “now” pictures, it’s time to bring some “before” here to G.A.R – for the first time ever. As I’ve said, there are very few before pictures available, as I would either avoid the camera or just throw the prints away, but here are a few that snuck through.


I have been looking for an entry that tells my entire weight loss history, but I can’t seem to find one. I’m sure I’ve written it in the past, but apparently I’ve hidden it away somewhere. Here and here are a couple of links that tell important parts of this journey.

Here are the highlights/lowlights:

Years (decades) of yo-yo dieting that resulted in big losses, followed immediately by even larger gains.

In December of 1998, decided to follow the whole Atkins craze. I weighed 257 at the time. I lost about 75 pounds that first pass and have pretty much tried to cut out junk carbohydrates ever since. I still have had some up and downs over the last few years, but nothing like the big swings of the past. I’ve done a lot of work dealing with my disordered eating and I am hopeful that I will never go back to solving every problem with food.

This picture was taken in November of 1998 one month before starting my new lifestyle.

This picture was taken in spring of 1998 on a ski trip to Whistler.

Spring 1997 - Pebbles first ski trip.

Christmas 1996 - I obviously hadn't started decluttering yet either.

Taken in the summer of 1993 with a show horse - I had just dropped 50 pounds I think. I would gain back 100 over the next year. I just included this because I loved this horse. I traded her for a taller horse, as she was too short, but she went on to have a fabulous and successful career as a kids' show horse.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. That's a wrap.



  1. That dress looks great. Excellent choice for the art show/boss invite soiree.

    'Bout those pictures - you've come a long way baby! You're armed with the tools to make it last this time too. Keep up the great work!

  2. Holy crap.

    I'd like to express that better, but it's all I can think. You don't even look like yourself anymore. Holy crap.

    (Dress choice = perfection!)

  3. I love the before and afters! Of course I come from a long line of before and afters.
    Love that first von Furstenbergie look.

  4. Wow, I'm inspired. You've done a great job Roxy - you don't even look like the same person.

    Love the dress choice as well!

  5. WOW. I hardly recognize you, except that I do...this was one heck of a transformation, Roxie!

    The horse is just beautiful - and you look great in that picture - love the hat!

    Your dress choice is awesome - love the colors, and the wrap style is perfect!

  6. I agree with all the wows. You look younger now than 10 years ago - that's incredible. This is true inspiration for those of us who are still fighting rather than surrendering.

    You look great in the dress:)

  7. You look so different. I think you are a different person inside and out now!


    You look so put together and a natural in that dress... sigh...

  8. Thanks so much for the pictures, Roxie! I had wondered how long you had been maintaining your loss, but hadn't been able to find it in earlier posts. You are such an inspiration to me.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D

    I love the outfit you chose--and, you're right, very Dianna. You give me hope. Looking at that picture, I would never have guessed that you once weighed over 200 pounds.

    I lost 30 pounds several years ago that I kept off by going low carb. And now, although technically not Adkins low carb since I eat a good bit of fruit, I've cut out most other carbs--especially gluten and rice--almost completely.

    My most important Hot 100 goal is the 100% gluten free goal. I keep telling myself, "There couldn't be much gluten on a breaded chicken breast--I'll have one of those."

    I'm cutting that OUT for the Hot 100!

    We're burnin hot, we are!


  10. Yes
    but me? Ive always coveted those dresses and now I also covet your style sense.

  11. I am so impressed with what a great job you have done on your body. You look fabulous!! Yes, you've come a long way and No your not going back:)

    Loved the dress you chose to wear to your dinner with boss.

    Have a great weekend and I will check on you when I get back from my trip be well.

  12. You look gorgeous in the wrap dress. It's amazing to see the before Roxie. I have never pictured you heavy. You really have come a long way, Baby!

    I agree with what you were saying about the carbs and processed food. It's a much easier battle if I avoid them.

    Have a great Bday weekend!

  13. You look great! Elegant and confident and together. Hope the reception and dinner was just fantastic.

    What a great progress story your 'before and after' pics tell too. That is definitely an achievement to be proud of.

  14. Wow!! I love hearing from others who have conquered the bulge!

    The dinner outfit? Absolute perfection, especially the pashima.

    Enjoy the fair - we're holding off until AFTER the TX/OU madness.

  15. Dang, girl. Until now, I couldn't imagine you ever being anything but tiny. I'm so happy for you...feeling some tears of happy right now. Thanks for sharing the pics. I know how hard it was to go there.

    You look FAB-U-Lous in the DVF dress and paszh.

  16. I love the dress. You're so pretty!

    I never knew you were that heavy. Somehow I had it in my head you were maybe 20-30 pounds overweight when you started your journey. I guess I could just never see you as actually an obese person.

    You look like you've always been thin. I guess you've reached that goal, comfortable in your own skin. :)

  17. I'm gobsmacked.
    I've only ever "known" you as the vivacious, beautiful Roxie who lost a ton of weight a while ago.
    Of course since we never saw the befores it was difficult to envision the larger-sized Roxie.
    Thank you very much for posting these.

    You wear your new self so well!
    I agree with everyone else ... that dress is gorgeous on you! Love the heels, too.

    Happy (very belated) 50th!
    I think it just gets better myself. :)


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