Monday, September 27, 2010

A Change of Seasons

As previously noted, Saturday morning's rain lasted until 1pm, so no big ride for me this weekend. At 1pm, the rain let up, so I set out on foot to explore the museums. My first stop was the old masters' museum. The above picture is a gorgeous Van Gogh on loan from a recent exhibition. Beautiful. While I know nothing about art, it always surprises me in that really good way when certain works reach out and "grab" me. This is one of those pieces.

My next stop was the Cowgirl. I have actively avoiding this place just like I avoid western movies and movies about horses or dogs. And I do so for a reason - and that reason is that I cry through the whole thing. I spent so much of my childhood riding and competing. It's a strange thing - it's not like I want a horse - in fact, I do not - but going to a horseshow or an exhibition or watching a "western" movie will move me to tears. And this trip was no exception. Silly, silly me. Oh well. It was about time I went there, as I would have had to give up my cowgirl credibility. Fun, fun place - and OMG the gift shop? I practically had to run out of that place. Good thing I've decorated The Closet already.

I next visited the community art space. I didn't even know it was there - oh, I knew the facility was there, as I've attended functions there. What I didn't know is that they display local art and artists' work, most of it for sale. They also had an area where children could come in a "decorate" boxes as houses and place them in a neighborhood layed out on the floor. Great fun and great community involvement.

I finished my tour up with a trip to the modern to see the latest exhibition. It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours. Lots and lots of people were out in the area - walking from place to place. I did something that I learned from my boss a few years ago and offered to be the photographer to several families so that everyone could be in the picture. The bad news is that I am a really bad photographer! It's the thought that counts, right?

So that was how I added texture and depth to my life over the weekend.

Another interesting thing happened this weekend, while performing the mundane task of putting away my summer clothes. As I told Leslie in a comment, as I put away a pair of cute white capri pants, I wondered if I would be able to wear them by next spring? That morning I'd equalled my lowest-adult number on the scale, but will it last? I don't know that I will ever be cured. What I want is to never think or use food for anything other than fuel. I don't know that I will get that. I can lament the "unfairness" of it all or I can just continue on, each day, doing my best to manage all aspects of my life in such a way that using food inappropriately is not my first reaction. Right now, all I can do is make the next good decision and let the next six months take care of themselves. Although I am at goal weight, I may never be done.

I wrote about cleaning out my purse. The first casualty in the great wallet switcheroo was my stamps. I don't think I threw them away and feel like I tucked them away SOMEWHERE, but I can't find them. Well, they are Forever stamps, so if the USPS is still in business whenever I find them again, they will still be useful. I'd bought this new wallet for use when carrying the lovely, darling purse I'd won during Leslie give-away and it worked great for use with such. I just don't know that it will work for me full-time. But it is much, much lighter than my old wallet.

Got up Sunday morning and went for a quick ride before services. I can really tell that the season is changing. I actually wore a long sleeved shirt. It won't be long before it will be too dark to get in a even a little ride after work. So tonight, I am riding while I can - with another after work ride planned for Wednesday.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Change what you can.



  1. Seasons? In Texas? Go on. Tell me another one. Every time I go to Texas it's the Too Hot season. ;)

    And you've inspired me to go find me an art museum and look at things. That sounds like a great way to get out and change my perceptions. Thanks!

  2. Hey! Jumped over here from Jack Sh*t, and discovered we're neighbors!! Seriously...I live out west of Cowtown, work in downtown.

    Thanks for your list at Jack's place - pretty much echos my own.

  3. I've always wanted to go to the Cowgirl - one of these days when we're in your area, we'll have to break out of Denton and go. The community art space sounds great and also a neat place to shop for gifts. Sounds very cool.

    I do envy all the shopping potential you have up there. Usually I'm ok with our limited stores until I really want something specific. Oh least I have online shopping. ;)

    (HAH! My word verification? MallMe!)

  4. You sure found a great way to spend some unexpected time - I love visiting museums. How great you have so many close by.

    I also love local Artisan guilds and can always manage to drop way too many bucks on beautiful handmade treasures.

    Thanks for giving air time to the little watermelon bag! I forget who got what - but I won't forget now that you're the watermelon recipient. It's almost too small a bag to be much use - but fun anyway.

  5. What I love is that you didn't just sit around. You got active but in a different way. I've spent way too much time on the sidelines simply because I would have to go alone. Thankfully I did not pass that on to Little Helen - she is the queen of getting out and about.

  6. Keep squeezing in those rides! Maybe put lights on your Christmas or birthday lists.


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