Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Close Call

I had a close call last night while on my bike. I live about six short blocks from the trails. I normally go a certain route, but that street had traffic backed up, so I decided to go up one more block before making my left hand turn to hit the road to the park. I gave the hand signal for a left-hand turn (in plenty of time) and just as I was starting to make it, a big F250 pickup blasted past me on the left. This happened less than one block off a four-way stop. I don’t know if the driver (a young man) didn’t recognize the hand signal or thought I was waving him around me, but it did leave me pretty shaken.

Further cycling news: My dear friend Meg (to whom I owe an actual, real written thank-you) sent me the perfect birthday gift – a bike computer for Cha-Cha. While Bick was in town last Sunday, he installed my new lights, bottle cage, spoke lights, and new computer. Now all that’s left is programming! Woo Hoo! I’ll now have all sorts of statistics to track! Until you are properly thanked, a big hug goes out to my friend Meg for her thoughtfulness. I just busted out laughing when I opened the surprise.

The second close call happened to MalibuKen last Saturday night. He was sitting there looking all cute in the parking garage, when some idiots decided to do some smash and grabs. When Bick came to pick me up for church on Sunday morning, he asked me if I knew there had been break-ins. He told me the police were still in the garage, but MalibuKen was safe. I went out anyway, only to find that MalibuKen was not safe – he just has super strong windows. There were three cracked places where the idiots had tried to break the window. Seriously, I don’t know if they got smart enough to look to see there was nothing in the car to steal or if they were about to get caught or what. I will have to get the window replaced, but at least I’m not picking glass out of my behind while driving down the road.

The caffeine throttle down is progressing. I think I’m in about day four. I cut off caffeine at noon. That usually leaves me with a cup of coffee and a Diet Coke or two. My sleep has improved but I haven’t learned to love water quite yet.

And I was honored AARP guest over at Jack Sh*t's place yesterday.

Coming Soon:

Before pictures! I was rummaging around looking for some old horse show pictures and ran across a few “before” shots. Before shots are a rarity, as I actively avoided the camera AND was not above destroying the film and pictures. I planned to scan them in today, but evidently left them at home. I thought I had tucked them away in my purse, but like yesterday’s stamps, they appear to have entered another dimension.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Announce Your Presence with Authority.


Comments on Comments:

@jill - Was the art game Masterpiece? I loved that game!

@Helen re: going places alone. It doesn't bother me. While I would enjoy and prefer company, it's not a requirement for me. If it were, I wouldn't get many places. Some of the most confidence-building exercises have been traveling alone to some place new. It can be exhilarating!

@Angela - welcome neighbor!

@Shelley - Come to visit the cowgirl AND me!

@Merry - the seasons last about a day!

@Ms PJ - thanks for the movie recommendation - I'll have to check it out.

@Sharon - I don't wear a watch, but I do get tired of pulling out my cell phone to check the time!


  1. Roxie, that is downright scary! So glad you are OK. Sorry about MalibuKen. Stupid idiots.

    Glad you are getting so fancy with Cha-Cha. It seems you are truly enjoying your biking endeavors (other than almost getting killed.)

  2. Good thing the window ruiners didn't know the name of the car or they might have really tried to take MalibuKen down. I mean, I can envision jailhouse activities!!!

    Got to really watch those drivers and make sure you are seen. Maybe drive around with a huge colorful parasol over your head?

  3. I guess it's the same with bikes as running - you have to make eye contact with the drivers out there before you move in front of them. Scary - I'm glad you weren't hurt.

    Poor Malibu Ken - he must have been scared with those thugs around! Window-smashing jerks...I hate them!

  4. I have had too many close calls on the bike. I wonder how many extra calories those adrenaline rushes give one?

    Sorry about the car. I just don't get people sometimes. Why must they feel they have the right to help themselves to other peoples' stuff??

  5. Wow, so glad you are OK and weren't hit. That is a huge scare. You just never know these days and have to have eyes everywhere and move with caution when riding the streets!

  6. Darn Trucks. I swear, every time I run across the bridge from downtown, I'm positive one is going to jump the curb and run me down. Makes me wish that TRV would hurry up and build that pedestrian bridge they've been planning for decades.

    Sorry about MalibuKen...

  7. So glad you weren't hurt! I don't like the big trucks for many reasons, but especially when I'm a pedestrian or cyclist.

    Loved your AARP contributions. :)

  8. Just read and admired and agree wholeheartedly with your posts at Jacksh*t's blog.

  9. reason number 3497498 why Im afraid to ride a bike.

    so glad youre ok.

  10. So glad your OK and here I thought you lived in a nice quiet little town friendly and safe I guess no place is really safe anymore:(

    Sorry about MalibuKen...With my StateFarm insurance I get free windshield replacement not subject to deductible so check that out with your insurance....

    Be safe!

  11. Wow those are some close calls. It makes you stop and think about safety.

    I have had a couple of close calls with cars when I have been on my morning walk. I have learned to make sure I make eye contact with the driver and I never assume that they have other wise seen me unless they wave me on.

  12. That is the absolute worst part about needing to use the roads to get to bike trails. Glad you (& Malibu Ken) are ok. Those left turns are the worst too. Crazy as it sounds, I move right into the center of the left turn lane to claim my space.

    With the shortening days I have been really good about using both head & tail lights. The biggest surprise has been that on my last few rides, vehicle drivers have been down right courteous! Even in decent day light still.


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