Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eat Pray Breathe

What a lovely day this turned out to be. I did manage to keep myself in the game and not let my anxiety overtake me. Everything is not a crisis and I do not have to react like it is. I met with the contractor and he was on time. I liked him immediately and he answered my questions and didn't add to my worries. I won't see the bid until sometime next week and I continue to be hopeful that we can come to an agreement on the financials. I left our meeting feeling like a weight had been lifted. I also came to some answers on some other issues that had been bothering me about scheduling, where and how to put up the family while the work is being done. It's not like I thought up these answers - it was more like I finally got quiet enough to hear them - if that makes sense.

I was able to get a couple of errands done on my way home from the meeting - got MalibuKen's tires rotated and gave him a bath. My plan was to come home and go for a bike ride, but because of the aforementioned car wash, the sky darkened and it looked like rain. I had the brilliant thought of heading to the dinner and a movie place and Eat Pray Love was starting in ten minutes. I walked over, bought a ticket, ordered soup and a salad and spent a small, quiet and relaxing evening watching the movie, breathing and smiling (with my liver). I came out of the movie to find that it had been raining, so I made the perfect call.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get still.



  1. Isn't it amazing how we can hide what we need to see most in our own noise?

  2. I love being spontaneous like that.
    Did you like Javier?

  3. oooh I like this:


    Im filing that away next to PURSUE WHAT YOU RESIST.

    Thank you for the morning wisdom...


  4. You being there. That particular movie. None of that was an accident. I'd say it was an Amen.

  5. I wanted to know did you read the Eat Love Pray book? If so did you like the movie?
    I read the book and it didn't move me I didn't get what all the hoopla was about so I have not seen the movie.

  6. When I get quiet, I fall asleep.
    My answer is more coffee!
    Repeat the cycle - upward spiral!

  7. I can relate to your anxiety for sure. I build it up in my mind till I've psyched myself out. Glad that things went well and that you feel better. Good luck on the bid.

    If it's happening to me, it's a crisis. And of course my hang nail is always worse then your broke leg. I am really trying to change that. EGO....

    I liked Eat Pray Love. Good for you. I go to the movies alone alot.

  8. Did you like the movie? Would you recommend it?

  9. It always happens to me when I wash my car - it rains!

    Glad you had an impromptu dinner and a movie and some weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

  10. I truly enjoyed the movie. I had not read the book (I rebelled against it when it came out, because I for some reason thought it was a Diet book and God knows I wouldn't ever go there. ie: rebellion) I was so delighted to hear about the movie with Julia, and then saw it and loved it. I'd like to read the book now and also see the movie again. Glad you had a "good day!"

  11. A friend of mine once said to me: There are two types of lumps in life. Lumps in the oatmeal and lumps in the breast. Most things are lumps in the oatmeal - annoying and uncomfortable. But very few things are life-threatening.

    Somehow her statement still helps me. I often mutter, 'lumps in the oatmeal, lumps in the oatmeal.'

  12. What a great way to finish off your stressful day!


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