Friday, September 24, 2010

Harvest Moon

Well, that was a few days ago, but it was beautiful. I finally managed to get some sleep last night. Came home from a meeting, fixed myself a bite of dinner, took an A and was in bed by 8pm. Slept til about 4am, got up and puttered around for a while and then went back to bed after realizing I couldn’t have any coffee or anything this morning. Went in to have some follow up blood work done, so it was after 9:30 before I had any caffeine or breakfast. I finally made the connection (AGAIN) that my Diet Coke consumption had gotten out of hand (AGAIN) and that was a contributing factor to my sleep issues (AGAIN), so I’ve been throttling back(AGAIN). It was the caffeine-withdrawal blistering headache that woke me up this morning. Time to be aware (AGAIN). I’ve packed my purse with packets of Crystal light flavor packets (as Shelley called them my “gateway” to water) and will make an effort to cut way back (AGAIN).

My goal for tonight is to shop for supplies for tomorrow’s ride. I’m looking forward to trying this coconut water that I’ve heard you all speak of. I’m shooting for a forty! We’ll see how it goes. I will start other preparations today as well, including adequate nutrition and hydration. I still have to install my new bottle cage and bike bag, which head the line-up for tonight’s comedy of errors.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Throttle back.


Comments on comments:

@M Pax – I love that! Turns out when I’m in the midst of something, I cannot remember complexities, so simple slogans help me. “Lumps in the oatmeal” my become a new favorite, alongside my personal creedo “Not my pig, not my farm, not my pigfarm”.

@jill, @erica @susan @Ms. PJ Geek re: Eat Pray Love – I loved the book, but last read it a couple of years ago, so it wasn’t fresh on my mind. That probably helped my enjoyment of the movie. I would recommend it – it felt like a 2 hour 40 minute guided meditation, if that makes any sense. Yes, I can see the faults – it’s a bit self-indulgent, it’s a bit travelogue, it’s quite a bit crunchy granola and I loved every linen-wearing minute of it. And on a very trivial note – I have long passed the stage of swooning, but OMG Javier? Indescribably delicious.

@Lori – I agree with you about respect. For me, it is the highest privilege.

@Cammy – Fast Copy was probably my least favorite Jenkins novel (I have an autographed copy – went to his book signings). I prefer the “adventures of Billy Clyde and them”!

@Brian - thanks for the tips on what to take on a longer ride. I wish that I could stop mid-ride at a convenience store, but I’m riding trails and there isn’t a 7-Eleven around! I have been taking some cash, my cell phone, tire pump (that I can’t use) but I will add ID and some ICE information.


  1. What an absolutely stunning photo!

    I've been mainlining caffeince today to stay awake and it occurs to me that you're making a good point there... I hate trying to cut back on caffeine but I'm going to have to... can we be withdrawal buddies?

  2. I only buy caffeine-free Diet Pepsi anymore. I cannot believe how sensitive I've become to it in the last few years. Seriously, if I overeat chocolate after noontime, it keeps me awake!

    Your ride sounds adventurous, hope it's awesome too!

  3. My caffeine consumption has dropped drastically over the last year (I don't count chocolate, Helen - lol) and while I still love my Starbucks coffee (which I swear has way more caffeine than home-brewed coffee), I have to be really careful about when I drink it - gone are the days of an afternoon cup, or I am up all night.

    Have fun with your ride tomorrow - glad you are getting some supplies and hydration. Bet it will be a much more fulfilling ride!

  4. For me, the coconut ice cream is far better than the water.

    I don't drink diet coke and my heart goes out to you about this addiction. I'm sort of like Helen with caffeine. Any after 10am and I'm wide awake until midnight and up at 5. Not good.
    Though a cup of coffee is one of life's pleasures (my pleasures.)

  5. as Javier in the movie EPL would say "yes darling"

    may i suggest " Vicky Christina Barcelona" as your next Javier movie enjoyment which also starts his new and pregnant wife Penelope Cruz ...I must admit EPL put him on the radar for me..

    have a good ride..


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