Monday, September 6, 2010


She will be Bick's on Tuesday, pending bank cooperation. He'll then make another turnaround trip down to Kemah to pick her up.

The weekend was lovely. We headed out Saturday morning, took a leisurely drive down, dropped the dog off at Bick's mom's house and headed for the boardwalk at Kemah. (The car guy was at a race until early evening) I'd never been to Kemah, other than an attempt a few springs ago. We were returning from Crystal Beach and decided to stop by and see the sights, but we had the dog with us and no pets are allowed on the boardwalk. Bick had promised me a roller coaster ride, but I really didn't hold out much hope. While I do love amusement parks, I don't love crowds, the heat, or lines. Saturday conspired for us to bring us the perfect, and I do mean perfect afternoon of thrills!

The weather was unseasonably cool - mid-80s, I think. A near twenty degree drop from the norm. And right on the water, it was even nicer. No sweating! And the second best part? No crowds or lines! We ended up buying the all day pass for $20 bucks and just walked on rides with no problem. No lines. No waiting! Granted, this isn't a huge park, but it was just enough to allow me to get my scream on and that tickled Bick. Yes, I love these silly thrill rides and I scream like a school girl the whole way. This was our first amusement park experience together and we'll be hard pressed to ever beat it! And then we went to look at the car.

She's really clean, straight and as she should be. I learned to drive in an early 70's era model, and she sits and rides just the same. And I decided that she needed a name.

Bick thinks my naming of things is well, stupid. He doesn't realize that it's a gift! Sort of like I'm a "Name Whisperer"! Vehicles just seem to whisper their name to me, if I listen long enough. Some of the thought-of and discarded options were:

Goldie, Blondie, Zia Padora (she's a Zcar), Zsa-Zsa, plus some others that I can't think of right now. But last night as we were driving home, late into the night, it hit me. Her name came to me and it was perfect! She's a honey-gold blonde and she's from the Texas coast and she's damned pretty.

Her name is Farrah! Perfect, no?


  1. Oh - you ARE good! I love Farrah! Sweet he going to install louvers on the back windows? All the cool boys at my high school did that. Hmmm. And yet all the boys I dated drove VW Bugs! LOL

    Glad you had such a wonderful day at Kemah - what fun to be a kid again!

  2. You are the name whisperer! Farrah is so darn perfect. Plus I loved Farrah Fawcett. I always thought she was misunderstood. :)

    It really sounds like you and Bick are doing well these days. I'm so happy for you Roxie.

  3. Farrah is very photogenic! I imagine her to be quite a feisty wench. May she bring you and Bick many great drives to beautiful places!

  4. Waiting in lines at amusement parks is so frustrating. Especially when the ride is over in what seems like seconds.

    I'm glad you managed to get your scream on :)

  5. A perfect name, yes! Glad you had a great weekend.

  6. Love the car and the name! I wanted one of those sooooo badly when I was a teen.

    We name our cars. My mini can is named..wait for it..Vincent Van Go.

    Kemah is a lot of fun. We usually buy the all days passes. I rode the Bullet one time. It beat me up so badly that a stream of profanity was flying out of my mouth. I felt like I had been in a car wreck. LOL

    Sounds like a perfect weekend.


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