Saturday, September 11, 2010


I think yesterday's comment by Tammy may have been large part of my issue. While I am still completely responsible for my behavior, perhaps I need to watch the HALT a bit more closely. My blood sugar probably had tanked. I'd been up for hours, etc. Both Bick and Pebbles commented that they could tell by looking at me when I was bitchy and needed food. Which actually causes me a bit of a dilemma - evidently I have difficulty telling the difference between anxiety and a physical issue. I knew I was experiencing anxiety, but hesitate to feed that monster to soothe it. And while I've never been diagnosed with any blood sugar issues, I do know that I can "get stupid" and evidently I can "get mean", too. Oh well, as commenter Annette so wisely put it, I can start a day over, even at 8pm - which is exactly what I did.

Pebbles and Slater came over about 8:30 to bring Cha-Cha home from being overhauled in Dallas. As a reward for being such good kiddos, I took them out for a bite. Slater wanted a burger, so we went down the street to new burger joint in town. It was spectacular! I'd been to another location a year or so ago and was unimpressed, but I would go back to this place daily! It's hard to beat a good burger and this was fabu! They offer all their specialty burgers in slider form - meaning I can get a wonderful, small burger with all that great taste. Plus, it's mostly outside and a good singer was playing. It's hard to beat the good company, good food and good music combo. Ended up with a bit of extra fuel for my ride today.

And speaking of which - OMG - Cha-Cha is now fully made of awesome. She is like a completely new bike, worn out shocks and all. The combination of her overhaul and some fresh legs on my part - WHEEEEEE!! Greased Lightning, she is. Great ride this morning, even after over-sleeping by about two hours! I took some new routes today, which was hit and miss. Hermine and her rain really did a number of some of the trails and paths. There were a lot of rough spots and in some cases, some complete wash-outs. I had to re-route myself on a couple of occasions, as the trail was just gone. I don't know how far I rode, as a lot of it was on the streets, but I do know that I did some hills early on and that was fun - and Cha-Cha's now smooth gearing made that a whole lot easier.

My plans for the rest of the day include getting cleaned up, finding all the parts to my Cuisinart food processor and heading up to Bick's. He's attending a funeral this morning up in his old home town, but later this afternoon, I'm going to harvest all his basil to make and freeze some pesto. I need to stop by Costco and pick up some olive oil and pine nuts. I hope he will let me get in Farrah this evening, as I know I will smell like a pizzeria after all that garlic and basil. I've been promised a ride to the town square and some ice cream and I'm going if I have to ride on the trunk!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get overhauled.



  1. Woohoo, glad to hear Miss ChaCha is like a new woman! Sounds like you had an excellent bike ride - I love how you blazed new trails, too!

    Hmmm, low blood sugar possibly combined with a hormonal day could spell disaster. Hard to decipher when you're in the midst of it, though.

  2. I want to know how you freeze pesto. I've tried but something happens and ruins it.

    When my blood sugar dips, I get so cranky nobody wants to be around, including the cat when we had one.

    Hope the rest of the weekend was fab and that you got your ice cream!

  3. Yep - when I get low blood sugar I am not nice at all, which is so not like me.

    When I first started using an insulin pen, it was trial and error on when to take my insulin prior to eating my meal.

    We were at a restaurant and I took my insulin thinking the meal would come in a couple minutes. Well, it took longer than I thought, and by the time the food got there, I was out of my mind.

    My husband always gives me his dill pickles, and he tossed his to me, but it bounced off my plate right into my lap. With our then 13 and 15 year old kids with us, I shouted "are you throwing fucking food at me?"

    What I didn't know at the time is that just about everyone's heads looked my way!

    It's embarrassing, but it happens.

    Jealous of all that basil! My plant is on its last legs.


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