Saturday, September 18, 2010

Piecing Together A Life

Last night's sleep was pretty non-existent. Grrr. Perhaps tonight will be better. Today's ride was wonderful. I rode farther than ever before - 36.6 miles, according to the internets. I was hoping for a full forty, but I didn't have the legs at the end of it to add any insurance mileage. I have got to work on getting adequate hydration and fuel for these longer (for me) rides. I don't eat anything in the morning and don't pack anything either. I would have stopped along the way, but there isn't anyplace to stop. I didn't pack enough liquid either and by the time I was headed down the home stretch, I'd stopped sweating. Which is just stupid and dangerous on my part. The goal this week is to buy a bottle cage to augment what I carry in my back-pack thingy.

I did have a lovely evening leading up to the Marathon Toss and Turn Sweat and Chill session of last night. It was about 8pm when I discovered that I also failed to pick up cream for my coffee in the great failed grocery run of Thursday night. And while I don't ride after dark, I've also got out the habit of walking after dark as well. I live in a safe and well-lit area. Last night was so nice, I just turned around in the parking garage and left MalibuKen sitting right there and walked up to the 7-Eleven to get some cream. I then walked back down through all the action here at this development. I have not been out on the streets nearly as much as I should. So last night, I ducked into the fro-yo shop, asked them to make me a serving about a third the size of normal and enjoyed a treat al fresco. People watching is just wonderful.

I'm heading over to the local quilting guild's annual show this afternoon. I've got several friends who are exhibiting their handy work. I was fortunate enough to attend the international show a few years ago in Houston and I consider some of these works to be fabulous art pieces and not just fine craft.

After the quilt show, I'm heading up to Bick's. We are indulging our hill-billy leanings tonight and going to watch some dirt track races. Should be loud and fun!

Tomorrow I'm going to cheer on a friend who is doing the Jailbreak. Should be a fun event to see, albeit a hot one.

Re: the book I talked about yesterday. A few have mentioned reading it - so here's the warning - It's not great literature. Jenkins can turn a "Texas phrase" like no other and I love it for that reason alone. Plus he's from here and writes about things that I recognize - therefore, you probably won't enjoy his books as much as I do.

Activities all over the map, it seems. The good, the bad and the dirty! Should be fun.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Venture off course.



  1. 36 miles sounds like a long way to me!

    I hope you enjoy the quilt show. There are some here in Lancaster County that the Amish women make, and are just beautiful. You remind me that I haven't been out there in far too long.

    Enjoy the weekend, Roxie.

  2. That Jailbreak race looks like fun - one of these days I am going to get brave and sign up for a mud/obstacle run.

    Your warning on the book is funny - I just got it from the library today (love how fast they are!). Looking forward to delving in.

    You definitely need to fuel up before your bike rides and during - bringing a bar (Lara, Luna or somesuch) along with some coconut water (Vitacoco with pineapple!) or even's too hot to not replenish your sweat. I'm totally impressed by 36 miles - my husband rode for 15 miles this morning and was all braggy...I didn't have the heart to tell him that my blogger girlfriends Roxie and Lori regularly outdistance him in bike rides! ;)

  3. I thought my 15 miles last Sunday was far. You are really getting your monies worth out of ChaCha.

    I have a friend that has a quilting machine and turn out some beautiful Hawaian quilts. They really are peices of art, to be hung not laid on.

    Jail break looks like fun. It's still real hot here in AZ too.

  4. Oh goodness, I haven't thought about dirt track races in eons. We used to go to a local track when I was in my late teens/early 20s. Loud and fun is right!

    I just finished "Fast Copy" by Dan Jenkins. It was my first book of his, and I'll be looking for more. He writes rich and interesting characters.

    Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight!

  5. you can buy an odometer for your bike for around 20 bucks at walmart

  6. hope you SLEPT!
    me? I needed these 3 words:


    theme of my misfitmonday.

  7. Congrats on your long ride!! Shame on you for not fueling up before hand. A bottle cage would be a wise investment. Just don't expect anything in there to stay cold for very long. Especially in Texas!

    On my longer rides, I plan stops at convenience stores to grab fuel (Payday bars) and hydration (usually Gatorade or Powerade). The downside of any of the 'Ades' is that if you spill any (and you will) it gets all sticky. Until you sweat a little more and it rinses off the sugar, replacing it with salts. Yum!

    On longer rides I also like to have $20, my cell phone, spare tube, tire tools, pump or CO2 cartridge and some form of ID with a contact number.


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