Saturday, September 25, 2010

Real Food Wins

I'd hoped to be writing today's entry about how I rocked that forty, but the weather gods decided twas not to be today. So instead, I'm sitting here looking out The Closet's sliding-door-to-nowhere and watching it rain.

Earlier this morning, I'd come up with an alternate plan for the day and I still may manage to get work that in, but only if the rain lets up a bit or if I decide to break out my wellies. Today is free museum day and since I live in the museum district, I thought it might be nice to see them all - on foot. But the rains have continued in earnest and so I've been doing fun things like flipping my mattress and washing clothes.

I have also begun losing weight - in my purse. Dear lord, I do believe my purse is bulking up for the start of football season. Every time I turn around, the thing gets heavier and heavier. So this morning, I took everything out, including two handfuls of change that had dropped into a secret compartment. I also switched wallets to a much smaller one. I did some pruning there, which is always a scary thing - what if I left something behind that I will really need? We shall see how this works.

I keep forgetting to write about something that happened last weekend while Bick and I were at the dirt track races. We decided to just grab some "fair food" at the track. When we got there, we weren't ready to eat, but an hour or so later, we went down to grab a bite. Now let me say right here that if you can fry something, I will love it. All of that weird sounding fried stuff coming from the State Fair of Texas? Sounds like pure heaven to me. I've never met a batter that I didn't love. I am no snob when it comes to heart-attacks-wrapped-in-yellow-paper. And I was hungry. But as I surveyed the offerings (and I'd ridden a long ride that morning so I had calories to burn), I thought "it's just not worth it. I'll eat some real food when I get home and for now, I'll just have to be hungry". That, my friends, is something odd for me. I've always considered hungry to be pretty much an emergency that must be solved - with the choices on hand. Depending upon how "good" I was being - take the batter off the chicken strips, throw away the bun on the cheese burger, peel off the batter on the corn dog, etc. Deciding to just be hungry and somehow not feeling all deprived about it was huge.

I can remember reading something about hunger not being an emergency in the book (which I recommend) Beck's Diet Solution, but I can't say that I really believed it. Nor do I accept that I've somehow been changed forever, but on that night at that time, I just decided that it wasn't worth it. I wanted real food and I would just be hungry until I got it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Real food wins.



  1. I love this...and have been feeling the same way over the past year or so. Sometimes I think I should "test" it just to make sure, but even that need has gone away...

  2. What a nice chatty post. Sorry the rain has precluded your plans, but at least you've had some excitement with mattress flipping!

    Funny, I also have thinned out my purse's contents this week, and when I go out in a little bit, getting a new wallet is on the agenda.

    Finally - I loved you talking about fried foods. I rarely eat them but I also LOVE them. The other night I was at a Thai place with friends and ordered crab rangoon. The little dumplings were batter-fried, but it was ultra light crackly coating. I could have eaten a hundred of them. You reminded me of them...wish I could send you a couple to sample.

  3. Must be in the air every where I changed my purse too yesterday. Rainy days are good for being productive at least.
    I saw that phrase about hunger when I first started reading blogs last December or January was it, anyway, I too believe being hungry isn't a emergency any more. Being from the deep south I too LOVE all things fried and greasy but they no longer love me...( I get a upset stomach now days when I indulge)must remember this on upcoming road trip.

  4. Loved this post. It was a huge encouragement to me.

    When I stopped working, I made two promises. I was going to stop wearing a watch and stop carrying a purse. I've done both. I make sure what I'm wearing has pockets for driver's license, credit card, a little cash and chapstick/lipstick. Learned quickly I don't need anything else. It's been fun and the ultimate freedom!!

  5. That photo included brought me right back to a board game I used to play, but the name has skipped me. It was sort of Museum type game where you went around and tried to guess the value of different art pieces or something like that. But I remember that one being one of the classics. strange.

    Rain? What a bummer, but sometimes needed!! This is always the time of year I miss living in Dallas; OU/TX weekend even though I never made it to the fair in all 7 years I lived there. dumb.


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