Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shuffle Ball Change

Dance class was far less titillating last night. I placed myself on the third row, directly behind another dancer and hardly saw the instructor at all - and certainly not in much, um, detail. The class was a bit easier last night as we were dressed for it this time. Although next week, a couple of us have decided that we want some dance "costumes" to wear. I'm actively looking for a banana to wear on my head along with the promised petticoats. I also learned that Tex-Mex food prior to dance class is not a good thing. Those who downed a couple of margaritas suffered even more. I'm going to propose a softer, gentler pre-dance party for next week.

Spent some time on the elliptical today at lunch and I hope to get in an evening ride tonight. If I don't report that I've done so tomorrow, call me out. It's been a while since I've had a mid-week ride and I need to get back to it, while there is still daylight out.

Personal growth work this morning consisted of asking this question "Is It Important?" In an effort to not react to every stimuli that comes my way, I'm trying to work in some CBT techniques to help gauge my reaction - or lack of reaction - my goal is a measured response and not a knee-jerk one.

Last night was not restful and I didn't feel like preparing my meals this morning (rarity for me), so I'm McDing it today. Breakfast : Egg McMuffin, no cheese; Lunch: Classic Grilled chicken Sandwich, no mayo and 1/2 bun. I need to get to the store today for some more fruit, Flat Out bread and vegetables. I may include a trip to the store in my bike ride tonight.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Learn new steps.



  1. Oh good - I thought the post title might be foreshadowing of another instructor "event" and I'm not sure my mind could take it! ;) Sounds like you all are having a blast, which is the purpose, right?

  2. Ah yes - is it important. Such a great question to ask, particularly if I am about to fly off the handle or complain about something. Always feels important at the time, but it almost never is.

  3. oh Sister you KNOW I need to learn some new steps.


    thank you for the reminder.

  4. Ahh yes - my program words it "How important is it?" but the thought process is the same.

    Know what's important? Incorporating that bike ride into your evening chores. That's a good idea, riding your bike to do some light shopping. Two birds, one stone, zero guilt!!

  5. I keep having that same thought of asking "Is it important? Will it be important in a year or five or ten or even in minutes?" put right in my face. I think karma may be trying to tell me something.

    Like Shelley I saw the title of the post and my heart rate increased for fear of instructorial craziness. So glad this class was more refined.


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