Saturday, September 4, 2010

Slow Ride

I will be test driving this today. Anybody got any Foghat? On cassette?

One of my goals for my 50th was to learn how to "burn out"! Do you suppose Bick would mind?


  1. ...but does it have a T-top? The old Camaros were great but I'm really liking the looks of the new ones, too!

  2. How funny. I went to a Foghat concert back ion the day. Had 8 track back

    Great make out car. Or it was back in the day. You two kids have a great time.

    Go Speedracer!

  3. I think you need an 8-Track to go with that Foghat. Have fun!

  4. Oohhhh nnoooooo!! Coughed up the Foghat 8-track in the great garage sale purge.

    That's a rear drive beastie, right? Bet you could do an awesome brake stand.

  5. I had a camero similar to that it passed from my life about 22-23 years a go now I am a chevy s-10 driving girl:) Hope you have(had) fun!

  6. Love that car! Are you thinking of buying it?

    I think if you "burn out" Bick might cringe, but smile at the same time. Looks fun!

    Oh - and if you need some 8 tracks, my husband has a box of them in the garage. Memories I guess, since we don't own an 8-track player. :)

  7. slow ride....take it easy...hey I have 120 cassettes!

  8. O
    as the kids no longer say.

    good thing its you and not my husband. he couldnt resist the post testdrive BUYage.



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