Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday White Out

I've been dreading today - assuming my usual defensive stance. As I was drinking my coffee and journaling this morning, it occurred to me that I could change how I choose to view today. Yes, I am anxious about the contractor meeting because of the unknowns. But am I willing to believe that things will work themselves out?

Haven't things worked out so far? Can I exercise that much faith? Must I turn everything into a BFD? No, I don't have to let fear and anxiety rule the day. The contractor may choose not to take the job and if that is the case, that's his privilege. It's not reflection on me. I don't have to take it personally. I might be disappointed, but I can choose to believe that things work themselves out.

I can also choose to believe that the contractor WANTS to work with me, wants to make me happy, wants to line up the work and that it will be up to us to work out time and budget issues to both our satisfaction. This is a puzzle to be solved, not a battle to be won. Easy on up, Roxie. Take a breath - everything will work out. The only question, the only thing to be determined is when. So now that I know it will all be okay, I can calm the hell down and be present for the process.

Last night's dance class was fun, but with nothing new to report. "Things" were staid and calm. The pre-dance party was held at a local restaurant, where I ordered the soup - thinking it was more of a broth-based tortilla soup. Turned out to be much more chili-like -so yet another evening of too-heavy-dining prior to all the salsa-ing.

And after getting to work, I also realized I'm wearing white after Labor Day. I have decided not to care - when it's still over 95 degrees, those rules don't apply.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Chill out.



  1. I'm wearing a dress with a white base too! It's summery-ish here today. At least for us this late in the season (78 degrees).

    OF COURSE the contractor wants to work with you silly woman. You're paying him to do a job. He will want to do exactly what you need and ask.

  2. You know I'm so sad about fashion I had no idea wearing white after labor day was a no no but this weekend I watched Serial Mom and a woman actually got killed over wearing white shoes lol. Since I don't wear white I think I'm safe.

    Hope things work out with the contractor sounds like you found a good one.

  3. There are no fashion rules in Texas - it's too damn hot. Wear white in February - you know we'll have an 80 degree day, lol!

  4. Most contractors I know are pretty desperate for jobs. Though they are notorious for performing their job on their time and not ours. :-( So you may have to make a big deal eventually.
    Just breathe, like you said, and wait until you need to stop breathing.

  5. I do exactly the same thing you describe when something is worrying me and can't think of a single example of a time when my worst-case thinking was right. Doesn't stop me though.... good luck with having more faith than I do! As everyone else says, the contractor will glad of the work, and in that relationship you're the boss, so no worries!

  6. Rules Schmules. I'll wear white all year and get lost in the snow :D

    Good luck with the contractor! You'll handle it just fine.


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