Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Not To Wear?

I've been invited by my boss and his wife to attend an art gallery reception, followed by dinner. The other couple joining us just returned from Istanbul and Mr. Bossman thought it would be nice to get us together to talk. Fabulous idea, but I am clueless as to what to wear. I will be leaving directly from the office. I just got the invite, so I've got tonight to decide what to pull from The Closet's closet.

Okay, enough of the trivial. Several people have expressed concern for my safety because I ride alone so I'm investigating the local bike club. While I would love to go on some group rides and I certainly could use some training and skill-building, I don't know if group rides would actually increase my enjoyment when I ride. With other forms of group exercises, it's easy enough to do my own thing. With cycling, if I'm dead-ass last, I'm holding everyone up. While I don't mind being slow, I do mind feeling pressured (albeit internal). I guess before I cross this off, I do need to investigate - perhaps there is a place for a woman of a certain age that does not now nor really wish to ride a road bike. I need the old and slow group! Don't know if there is such an animal.

Last night's dance class sort of got cancelled. Pre-dance party was held at Central Market, which I was thrilled with. I'd made all sorts of good pre-decisions - like tortilla soup and a honeycrisp apple for dessert. I had the soup, but the crew started piling on the shared starter plates and desserts. Ended up eating more than I had set out to. This week will be a tough one to keep a lid on - I have two meals "away" tomorrow plus celebration Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Haven't firmly decided upon a strategy to deal with it - other than a bike ride tonight and to shoot for that elusive 40 on Saturday. Oh, and at the pre-dance party, the wine was flowing pretty good amongst the other GNO's and at some point it was declared that they didn't want to go to class. As the DD, well, I couldn't very well leave them there, so we did enjoy a lovely Texas evening outside.

Did I mention that Pebbles is taking the family to the fair to celebrate my b-day? Fried stuff on a stick! I adore this idea. I love having an activity, an experience, rather than the traditional dinner, cake, etc. So I am taking the day off and taking my Mom and sister (if they don't cancel at the last minute - and if they do, Pebbles, Slater and I are going anyway) to the fair. Good way to spend some time together AWAY from the house.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. When in doubt, go for classy.


Comments on Comments:

@Brian and others - Yep, that's what I've decided that I need to be more assertive. While I wasn't riding far to the right, I could have been farther left and it would have actually been safer, I think.


  1. Go for classy... or go for classic for that work to gallery to dinner. A suit with a fabulous shirt of some sort.

    Or wear that fabulous dress Pebbles gave you. If you don't feel like wearing the high heeled sandals all day, change into them for the opening and dinner.

    Take your makeup with you and darken it and jazz it up a bit for the evening events.

    Most of all, have fun!

  2. I like how you snuck in the "celebrations" part...hells yes you are going to be celebrating!!! And at the State Fair - how fun. If you see my trainer Linda there, be sure and tempt her with the deep-fried butter...she's on a no sugar challenge and I'm sure it's killing her right about how. Oh, she'll be with all the goats. (animals, not old men)

    I agree with Helen - wear that Pebbles dress, only with the sexy shoes this time. And by all means, kick up your heels and have a blast!

  3. Guess I'm playing devil's advocate here, but only you are the one to determine if biking alone is safe or not. I bike alone all the time, but I am careful of where I do it and I carry pepper spray on my key ring in my pocket. I've just never had any problem and like you, it's all about the solitude. I enjoy group rides, but I treasure my time alone.

  4. I love that Pebbles is taking you to the fair. Your post from the other day about "all things fried" cracked me up. We'll see if you still think it's worth it once you have to put it in your mouth. You were all excited before you went to the races, then opted out....that was a proud

    I have a feeling you'll be "bringing sexy back" tonight. No matter what you wear!

    Have fun! Celebrate your ass off!

  5. Why worry about you biking alone? If you have a phone and ID with you, there really is no difference riding by yourself versus with a group.

    Enjoy the you time with solo biking. There is no pressure and you can push yourself or not as you wish.

  6. I would offer to go with you, but I am certain I couldn't keep up! I would deflect traffic for you, though!

    Ah - the fair! Can't wait to walk around there, either.

  7. As for safety while riding or running I take my cell phone,mace, and I have a thing a ma bob on my key chain that if I hit or poke you with your gonna let go of me cause its gonna hurt like the dickens! So get yourself some mace, take your cell phone, and you should be fine you have loads of common sense:)
    Enjoy your celebrations! You only live once.


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