Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Got Back

No, not there. Back, real back. A couple of years ago, I saw this woman at the county fair. I was sort of enchanted by the look of her, especially her back. She had this great back. She wasn't "skinny", she was just fit, toned, healthy and natural looking and it showed through her upper back, arms and shoulders. I wanted that for myself. I have carried around that vision of her, both physically and seemingly mentally, as where I wanted to be. She seemed just so comfortable in her own skin - she had a presence to her that really spoke to me. I have carried around that picture, that physical manifestation of what I wanted for me, for the last couple of years. When I would think about what I wanted out of this journey, it was that mental image that would always come to mind. And as I was getting ready for my own trip to the fair yesterday, I caught sight of my own back in the mirror. Baby got back.

I write about this to remind myself of the positive powers of visualization. The same powerful brain that we trained/wired (I believe) to be disordered about food can be harnessed and used for good. Visualization and affirmations are just a couple of ways techniques that are powerful tools of suggestion. I've used visualization years ago when I was showing horses. Running through my mind the pattern I needed to complete, how the horse's movement would feel so that I could time my request for the next maneuver, etc. And now I'm going to use another mind over matter - power of suggestion - you are what you think "self-hypnosis" BESTME technique to focus on my sleep issues.

I believe that I can train my brain and my body to sleep soundly for eight hours. I've done what I can to deal with the physical and environmental factors, so now it's time to address my brain's part in all the insomnia. I've cut out caffeine after noon. So I usually end up with a cup of coffee in the mornings, followed by two Diet Cokes. Or visa versa - so my caffeine intake has been drastically cut back. Last night, at 3am, I also started using aromatherapy to assist with the sleeping. I remain hopeful.

So the art gallery opening was fun and interesting. It wasn't the kind of art that spoke to me, but it was a new experience hearing the artist talk about her inspirations, her technique and what she was hoping to convey in each piece. The dinner was quite nice as well. Bossman's friends are a lovely couple who have traveled the world. They just returned from two weeks in Russia. That being said, their mode and method of travel differs greatly from mine, so the very pedestrian questions that I had went unanswered. I like a very on-the-ground travel experience. I like to feel like I actually live wherever I am going. I want to shop in grocery stores and take public transportation and dine where and how the "regular" people who actually live there eat. So those things I will just have to find out for myself. It will be part of the adventure.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. My Mom did cancel at the last minute and I hate that, but it was her choice. She felt like she couldn't keep up with us, but we had already made provisions for many stops and rests, etc. I will try to come up with an alternate activity for us, as I understand things are pretty rocky in The Family. Seems like there's been yet another high-drama familial explosion. The worst one ever, from the sounds of it. I hate that it happened, but perhaps it will part of the light that shines on path for my sister to make some different choices for herself.

Pebbles prepared nice pre-fair snacks so that we weren't just starving upon arrival. The weather yesterday was spectacular and we walked around the fair for hours. My favorite part turned out to be a surprise and I wouldn't have gone, except that Pebbles insisted. The children's barnyard/petting zoo area was just delightful. We spent a long time there. Slater had never been to a state fair, so he was quite taken by all that was there. Oh, and while I have always admired Earl Campbell, I don't so much admire him in butter. That was this year's butter sculpture - a larger than life 3-d model of The Tyler Rose, made of butter.

And speaking of made-of-butter, fair food. The four of us sampled two of the deep-fried things - deep fried s'mores and deep friend peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches. I wanted to taste them and I am glad I did. I did have some ice cream as well. All in all, a beautiful day at the fair.

So that brings me to today. I am about ready to take off for my bike run today. I am envisioning a 40 today. Oh, and since it's 7:20, I'm sending good running thoughts to Shelley, who is about ready to start her race. Go Shelley! I've got my hydration covered and I've got a snack for the road. I think I need one more bottle of water and I'll be good to go. Today I will make my forty. I will take appropriate rest and fuel stops. It will be awesome!

After my ride, I think I'll treat myself to a mani/pedi and then head up to Bick's. We have dinner plans for someplace I've always wanted to try. I'll report back later.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Create a vision.



  1. Simply Spectacular post. I envision you at the fair and the wonderful day you had.

    Soemtimes it's funny where that light at the end of the tunnel comes from, isn't it??

    That 40 is yours girl!

  2. Quite agree with you - visualisation can help with a lot of things.

    Sounds like you've had a great few days. Glad the gallery/dinner went well and I'll bet you felt a million dollars in that dress. You looked it.

    And as to that travel conversation - when you wrote "I want to shop in grocery stores and take public transportation and dine where and how the "regular" people who actually live there eat" my ears pricked up. That's my type of travel too - can't wait for the next trip.

    Have a great week.

  3. **visualizing a fab day. writing flowing & child complying**

    glad you had such a splendid day at the fair.

    xo xo

  4. Thank for the support on my race - believe me, I carried many of my bloggy friends with me on that long, long run!

    Happy to see that you are enjoying life so much - you make me want to be more present with everything.


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