Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hold On Loosely

Yesterday was an exercise in tension. While visiting my bank to deposit a check and let them know I would be out of the country for a bit, I heard the unnerving news that the bank didn't allow ATM transactions from my destination. Oh Shit. With the added bonus - Pebbles and I bank at the same place. If I don't want to get taken to the cleaners at the airport exchange areas, I'm going to have to make a run to an exchange office in Dallas today. And carry ALL our trip cash with us. And before traveler's checks are suggested, they are not particularly easy to cash these days. That would be like taking three chickens and a goat in exchange for a cab ride. So anyway, this really threw a wrench into the works. I think I have a plan in place, as does Pebbles. She's opening up another account with a different banking system all together, with the assurances that all will be okay. I did get a call later in the day from my bank saying that there may be something that they can do, but they've never done it and have no way to test it, etc. I said go ahead and try it and I will be the test case. I was ready to pull 30 years of business if they hadn't tried to do something. While I understand that fraud is an issue, "protecting" me by not allowing access to my money isn't a service and don't tell me it is. I've got plenty of other protections. Cutting off access is protecting THEM. So anyway, I am grateful, grateful, grateful that I decided to handle this yesterday rather than today, as it will take a while for the TL to get here from New Jersey. Of course, that could fall through, too. The courier is supposed to arrive in North Dallas on Thursday afternoon. We leave Friday morning. Of course, the airport is still an option, but you just get killed with the exchange rate and fees. Lesson: talk to your financial institutions EARLY before any international travel. So couple that with another request from The Family for some additional financial entanglements, and I had a helluva day.

So it was more than time for a little doodle in the park with Cha-Cha. Turns out, I'd been grabbing aholt of poor Cha-Cha like I was Bill Pickett - putting her into a bulldogging hold, elbows akimbo, and away we would go. I was so tense and coiled, concentrating only on wringing out miles. No wonder I'd started hurting. So last night's ride was all about being loosey-goosey. Keeping good posture, keeping my shoulders out of my ears, keeping my back flat and supported and not having a death grip on everything. I constantly repositioned myself, trying to find the most comfortable spot and if I found myself contracting, I'd tell myself to Hold on Loosely. And I just played in the park. Not looking for speed or mileage, but just fun and sun and some mind-and-stress-clearing relaxation. And Clementine Peddleford came through.

Sleep Report: No discernible NS, although I didn't sleep as long as I would have wished.

I got to make the armored car run this morning, so no lunch workout for me. But I think I'll try to hang loose with Cha-Cha again this evening.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Hold On Loosely.


photo credit espn canada


  1. Shoulders in the ears. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how many times a day I tell myself, "Drop the shoulders Diana, DROP THEM!". It's so weird how when we get stressed the shoulders go up.

    It does sound like you had a hella of a day. So sorry Roxie. I had no idea that all banks didn't do ATMs in all counries. I don't think of Instanbul as some weird third world country so that makes it even stranger.

    Glad you have a plan in place. And I can't wait to see the pictures and hear about your travels.

    Now keep the shoulders down young lady! :)

  2. preparing for a trip is the absolute worst part for me. And the 'getting there'. Once I'm there it's all easy-peasy. Hopefully everything from here on out will go smoothly for you. I am sure it will, because you have the right attitude about it :)

  3. Oh my! But as you said, thankfully you found out in time. I know you want rest, but I wouldn't worry about the sleep thing right now. When I travel I either sleep like the dead from jet lag or some such thing, or I don't sleep at all because of the strange environment.

    Keep hanging loose!

  4. Kinks....Who needs them. Kinks in your neck and shoulders or kinks at the bank. Annoying!

    Glad you have it worked out. Sorry about family demands. That's another kink. Glad your NS have eased up. I think you might have sent them west. I had them last

  5. My bank did that in June - halted all debit card transactions online(!!!) and in stores that carried electronics (like Best Buy, which I understood, but Academy? Apparently they sell GPS fish finders). It was for our own protection. Frustrated the hell out of me, and I considered finding another bank, but after I cooled down, I realized that other than this one blip, I have been really happy with them. So, I stayed, put up with it, and after a couple of months, everything was back to normal. PITA, though. Glad you found out before you were in Turkey - I can't imagine what a mess that would have been!

  6. Very glad you found this out now. You might want to pick up one of those slim money belts that goes under your clothes if you have to bring all of your cash with you. That way you could lose your purse and be okay.

  7. Those dumb banks and their dumb rules. I advise against too many travelers cheques. Put your money in one of those things you strap around your waste and keep it there. When you get home, leave the money there too. That way you won't be robbed again.


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