Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perfect Posture

My posture sucks. It always has. And I think my bad posture, coupled with a weaker-than-it-should-be core are the culprits in my neck and shoulder pain when riding Cha-Cha. I made a conscious decision a couple of years ago to get my shoulders out of my ears and I've been pretty successful with that. However, I spend my days at a desk and I think I will spend my dottage sort of bent over, complete with the dowager hump. Not a pretty picture.

So it's time to do some work on strengthening my core so that everything just doesn't collapse into my shoulders when I'm cycling. Plus, I do think I need to raise my seat just a smidge. I'm not as much on the ball of my foot as I'd like to be. I spent some time on last night's ride analyzing what all was amiss. I think I need a realignment, for sure.

So sleep results - last night's sleep wasn't as solid as it was the night before. While I did wake up several times, I didn't notice any NS. So perhaps it is movement in the right direction. My body isn't dealing well with the additional carbs, even though they are "good" carbs. It's as though I have swelled. Oh well.

I'm taking my sister to lunch today, so no lunchtime workout for me. I'll try to get in a bit of a bike ride this evening, as this fall weather is pretty spectacular. While I do have some other errands to run, I'll wait until dark to do those.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stand up straight.



  1. Reading this, I realized I was hunched over and immediately sat up straight and got my shoulders "out of my ears" - wow, how right you are about posture! It's a habit, and something that I'll bet most of us need to improve, even those with good core strength.

  2. Yea, I don't think my posture is the greatest either. Hope you have a nice lunch with your sister.

  3. Standing up straight has always been an issue for me. I'm a sloucher from way back. Darn it.

  4. One thing that helps me stand up straight is knowing it gives an overall appearance of more height, which hopefully gives an overall appearance of less weight!

  5. Makes your boobs look bigger and your tummy look flatter too. I know because I'm a slouching, hump shouldered type from way back.

    I actually have a strong core but it hasn't seemed to help. So, I get annoyed every time I see a phot of my slouchy self.

    The carbs are not hurting you Roxie, they are causing you to retain some water. Why do you think marathoners and other endurance athletes carb up? Because it helps with hydration!

  6. They call me the hunchback. I'm a sloucher to. Remember when girls had to learn to walk with a book on their heads. Good practice.

    Hope lunch goes well. I will be thinking about standing straight the rest of the day.

  7. Oh yeah, I hunch and have a horrible posture. I try to correct it when I am walking but I forget to hold it all the time. My body is so naturally curved over after working at a desk all the time and I think at one time of my teenage life, hiding myself into a small ball. And if I try to hold it correct, it hurts and gets tired. So I too have been working on my core and back to correct this. Doesn't hurt as much these days... :)


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