Monday, November 8, 2010

Extra Crunchy Monday

Some days there is nothing to do but laugh. First rattle out of the cage, I set off the smoke alarm when I was toasting my one half piece of Flat Out bread. Which wasn't so bad for me, as I was already up and around. It probably sucked for my new neighbor. Somewhere there is probably a facebook status, tweet or a blog complaining about his/her crazy neighbor. Honestly, it's the second time I've done it in about a week or so. I try to multitask and I forget that the bread is in the oven. And I have found that turning on the vent fan just makes it worse. It seems to feed the smoke directly INTO the smoke alarm. Oh, and then my coffee seemed to be a little extra crunchy this morning. Don't know what happened to Mr. Coffee, but it appears he's having a Monday, too!

Oh, and I wrote a post that I thought I'd scheduled to appear this morning, but apparently I got that wrong as well. So there will be a weird post that appears sometime this evening. Do not be alarmed. My Monday got an early start.

Back on the bus today. Will hit the gym again today at lunch - weight room first. I am seeking input for a kinder, gentler entry into weight lifting. I am not looking for anything as strenuous/rigorous as the New Rules for Women. That being said, I don't want something "fluffy", either. Any suggestions?

As will be apparent in the phantom evening post, I'm planning on things to keep me out of the kitchen and away from the fridge for the next week or so. Tonight I have a meeting to attend and sometime this week, I need to go to Dallas. Thursday brings another evening appointment and Friday I need to go to Costco. Bick, Sandy, Aloyisious plus Al's mother and sister are all meeting at my place on Saturday morning. I'll be providing (with help from Costco) a light lunch/munchies for us before we go out antiquing and then on to a local food festival for dinner. Bick and I will peel off and attend our big anniversary event. I am so excited.

And then I leave for a business trip.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Plan around your weaknesses.



  1. I can't recommend it personally, only from word of friend's mouths: The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises. My friends who are using it are raving about it. Some of them like it much, much better than NROL. Just a thought. Hope your day has smoothed a bit.

  2. had to laugh at your post this morning, Roxie. I'm having one of those days myself! The planets must be out of whack. Glad to see you finding the humor in it all.

  3. I have used a personal trainer in the past to get started on a weight lifting regimen, and it was very helpful to have the one on one assistance.

    Maybe you could pay for one or two sessions with a personal trainer, who will help you figure out your goals, get you started on a program, and show you how to do the exercises with proper form.

    Enjoy your Lyle Lovett concert!

  4. I can definitely recommend a book. It's called Body Sculpting for Women by Brad Schoenfeld. It takes you from a beginning program through to developing your own routines and I highly, highly recommend it to you.

    After that - then do NROLW :D

  5. Love me some Lyle Lovett -- especially seeing him live. Enjoy!


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