Friday, November 12, 2010

Fish On Friday

Things with which I am pleased:

1. Ran a bit yesterday. No long, not far, but I ran. Felt pretty good. I've got to find a way to stay in cycling shape over the winter.

2. While discovering a problem in a system I am responsible for at work wasn't the best thing that's ever happened to me, I did not take it as a personal failure. As I do not work in a health-related field, no one will be physically harmed if the software has a problem. Just work towards a solution.

3. Heard a great share at a meeting last night. Really put "being willing" in perspective.

4. I am still rocking the caffeine-draw down. Coffee in the morning, a couple of diet cokes, no more caffeine after noon. Other than last night, my sleep has improved dramatically. Also, no discernible night sweats recently. I don't know if that is somehow tied together - whatever, I'll take it. I'm still relying upon the lemonade-by-the-bottle powder as my gateway beverage, but I hope to love water soon.

5. I have a plan/program/lifestyle that makes getting back on track possible and even probable.

Things that could use some fixing:

1. I'm spending too much time on the internet doing mindless surfing. Going to cut back on this and spend the time doing other things that are more helpful.

2. Continue to contact contractors. Even though their Angie's List says they will accept email contacts, I've had no responses to the half dozen or so inquiries I've send out. It's time to pick up the phone, which for anyone who knows me, knows I hate the phone. I will resume this on Wednesday.

3. Continue to ask for what I want in a clear voice.

4. Sweat just a little more. Or more precisely, figure out how to want to sweat a little more.

5. Brush and floss THREE times a day. Take my vitamins.

Weight training has aggravated my old shoulder injury that I received during my ill-fated attempt at boxing lessons a couple of years ago. I was taking it slow, but perhaps I need to fall back to some of my rehab exercises to see if that will help.

On a different note, the kids are camping (with the beast!) this weekend. I cannot wait to hear how this turns out. I've also heard mention that fishing poles were purchased. This, I cannot believe, coming from my daughter. She's been fishing a sum total of once in her life.

When she was about six, my Mom took her back home to WA to visit. Pebbles ended up staying with my paternal grandmother for the week, while my Mom stayed with other relatives. My Mom tells the story that when she went to pick Pebbles up, she didn't know who looked more disheveled, my Grandmother or Pebbles. Pebbles' hair always looked like the cats had been chewing on it and Granny didn't make her fix it at all.

Grandmother was a very devout person of a religion that didn't believe in cutting hair or wearing jewelry, make up or pants - I mean she wore long dresses all of the time - not that she went around pantsless. I don't really know of a religion that espouses the no-pants philosophy. Normally, my Grandmother would sport the Princess Leia cinnamon roll hairdo, but Pebbles had convinced her to wear her hair down so she could "fix it". And it was always Crystal Gayle-long. Not really a good look for a super senior.

During their week together, my Grandmother taught Pebbles to make pancakes and biscuits - and so Pebbles "cooked" for the two of them for the whole week. Pancakes and biscuits. Every.meal. Pebbles still makes some killer from-scratch drop biscuits. And then there was the fishing trip.

There was a trout farm nearby where one could go, wet a line and catch a fish. The pay rate was by the pound. And it really was like shooting fish in a barrel. These fish were in ponds and it took no skill to catch them. So when Mom showed up to pick up Pebbles, she proudly announced her fishing prowess. Mom knew how this thing worked and offered to repay my Grandmother for this outing. Grandmother refused, of course, but this 6 year old's two hour fishing expedition set my Granny back about $75 dollars in 1990 money! My Grandmother insisted that it was worth every cent and I guess it was. That was the only time Pebbles ever got to see her great grandmother, but she still remembers their time together; still knows how to make biscuits and still thinks she can fish.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Believe in your abilities.


photo is of the specially prepared fish I had at our favorite restaurant in Turkey in the fishing village. The red of the photograph is due to very dim lighting.


  1. Have you thought about buying a bike trainer? Or maybe The Closet is too small to have one set up?

    Love the Pebbles story. Every child should have an interaction with a grandparent like that.

  2. What a sweet story. Love it.

    So funny. I hate to talk on the phone too. Always have. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day and your shoulder feels better.

  3. Love the fishing story! I'd never heard of a pond like that until we moved into our house 10 years ago - there is a similar thing, and you literally put your pole in and the fish are practically jumping out of the water.

    We went with my daughter when we first moved - so she was 8. She caught so many fish!

    When we went on vacation in Smith Mt. Lake, VA, she was bragging about how "all she had to do was put her pole in the water" and bet everyone she'd catch the most fish.

    It broke my heart that she didn't catch one fish that whole trip. :(

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I can recommend the trainer! It doesn't take up much room until you hood the bike to it :D

  5. What a great story about Pebbles and her Great Grandmother! Those memories are priceless. :)

    The only problem with biking in the winter is the cold wind resistance - I remember thinking last year that it wasn't too cold or wet, so off I went, and about froze to death. Hope you figure out an alternative - I like the trainer idea, but your closet is pretty dang small.

  6. RE: Section B, subsection 2 - I have 'phone issues' too! One of my biggest procrastination areas, so I shall join you (if you don't mind) in working at getting better at it.

    Wonderful fishing story! I knew two of my great-grandmothers (both dresses-only types, though not Pentecostal) and neither of them could make biscuits OR pancakes.

  7. My grandmother was Mennonite and never once wore a pair of pants. She had her hair in a bun all of the time, too. Your story reminded me of her and she died in 1977. Really enjoyed your story.

  8. checking back in :)
    loved the story and look forward to tales from the fishing weekend (tales of fish THISBIIIIG that were almost caught perhaps? :))



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