Friday, November 5, 2010

Gaining Traction

I'm executing another one of my steps to gain traction. I'm fortunate that my work schedule is flexible and even more fortunate that my calendar is clear today, so I am taking the day off. I had a bad night's sleep last night - awakened at 2:30 by some guy screaming at his wife/girlfriend as he slammed his way out off of this floor. Tough to go back to bed after that - and then when I did go to sleep it was filled with nightmares.

So today is the day to Get Sh*t Done. It's time to take care of more of the niggly things that play and weigh on my mind so that I can gain some traction from this post-trip let down. First up, I'm heading over to the gym for a bit this morning. Then it's a few minutes to clean out MalibuKen, followed by writing a couple of checks to pay a couple of bills. Next up, a trip to the dry cleaners and shoe repair place on my trip to the next county. I've got some legal business with the neighboring county and then I will stop by the big box stores nearer to Reata South and talk to them to see if they have any subcontractors to do the work on the place out there if I buy my new flooring and cabinetry from them.

Getting Sh*t Done helps me get unstuck in a couple of ways. First, it creates a sense of accomplishment. Secondly, it creates a sense of relief - as in "Whew, that's out of the way". But primarily the feeling of accomplishment - no, it's not really accomplishment, it's more of regaining a feeling of control, as in I have control over something, which as we all know is pretty false. I guess I can look at is as doing what I can do and then letting go of the rest. Whatever. I do know that I will feel much better after a day like this and it's been ages since I've taken one.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get unstuck.



  1. 3 Cheers for geting Sh*t done! I feel they same way about it. I am a procrastinator with high anxiety. Not a good match!

    have a great 3 day weekend. Save some time for fun too.

  2. I totally agree with the concept of getting stuff done. There's a sense of accomplishment following that and it lessens the desire to eat out of control.

  3. Ooooh...I want a Get Sh*t Done day! What a marvelous idea.

    Now if I could just convince my clients that I need to do my stuff instead of their stuff...

  4. There are those times when I like to make a big list of the sh*t that needs to get done and get a great sense of accomplishment in crossing things off.

  5. Oh man! I am so jealous of your day. Even though you're spending it getting Sh*t done, it sounds perfectly fabulous.

    We just bought a new bathroom vanity top from one of the Big Boxes and they offered us installation so I'd bet you'll have good luck with that.

    Have a great weekend Roxie!

  6. Friday is always a good day to take for yourself. Hope the day proves to be a successful one. Love that unstuck cd too.

    I dreamed I met a Greek man and we kissed on the first date. Then he wanted to take me out to dinner the next night for Greek food. Too much too soon!

  7. I love the last comment: get unstuck. That should be my winter motto!
    I spent most of they day home with a migraine (hormone based, no doubt) and am grateful that it is subsiding finally. Even though I had trouble seeing in the daylight I still felt like I should have been getting things done. Not to worry though, Bed was my home for the day. I certainly hope you were able to get everything you wanted accomplished (as I intend to live vicariously through you today) lol


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