Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love Child

Yesterday, as a work-related fundraiser, we were allowed to donate $10 and wear jeans to work. I chose this opportunity to wear my jeans topped with a darling black leather moto jacket that I got for my birthday. It's adorable. And then I looked in the mirror. What was not so adorable was the K-Bob. My Kay Bailey hairdo has desserted me and yesterday I looked like the love child of Leather Tuscadero and Gene Simmons. Hell, actually, given the bad semi-permanent color job I just DIY'd, I look a lot more like pure Gene Simmons. Too dark, too harsh, too dry and too flat. It may be time for a new, softer do.

And speaking of children, I had a Free Love Child experience last night. I went to the active meditation session. Turns out, it was an "interpretive dance" meditation. Now that's different. Actually, I quite enjoyed it. There were about seven of us in a darkened room and the music gave basic instruction - flow with the music, staccato movements, follow your feet, lead with your hands, feel your breath, etc. Yea, it was crunchy granola, but it was freeing and relaxing and BONUS - another hour of enjoyable exercise. It was a total "dance like nobody's watching" experience. I'd do it again. Next week? Drum circle. Yea folks, get your patchouli here.

I did something else wonderful yesterday. We are having amazing weather - around 80 degrees yesterday. So on my way home from work, I got off the bus in the park and walked the rest of the way home through my very favorite part of the twisty trail. I'll have to remember to do this more often. It's harder to do when I have to come all the way home, change and go back out, but today, I was wearing my walking Borns and jeans, so it was perfect. I got in another mile plus walking and I got to see a professional photographer taking some family pictures of children in the fall leaves.

Food was on target and I hit the gym at lunch. No complaints here.

Bed made. Breakfast made. Lunch made. Dinner planned. Gym planned.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Love your inner child.


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@Lori - Yep, I adore Futurama. I don't have "real cable" - just the off-the-menu package that allows me to get the network affiliates, but CC chooses not to scramble their signal, so BONUS!


  1. See, I don't think you should be allowed to put that image in our minds and then not give us a photo! I am sure it wasn't as bad as you're making it sound. I DIY all the time with hair color - can't afford $100 a month to beat back the grey - lol!

  2. 'get out the patchouli'--love that. I was raised southern Baptist / Methodist but my real self and spirit came through while hiking in parks, drum circles in Az, meditation, Reiki. Whatever works for us.

  3. I love your wicked humor! And agree with Helen - I'd like to see the pic and know darn well it wasn't as harsh as you saw. But heck - sometimes a self vision sends us in a whole new mahvelous direction, and I'm sure that's what will happen with you.

  4. Roxie, you are certainly getting your groove back, I think. And oh my, the Leather Tuscadero still shot brought back memories.....

  5. Oh, noes, not Gene Simmons! Funny stuff, Roxie.


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